Why Study in Russia

Thinking of Why study in Russia? Here is your answer!

Study in Russia

Study in Russia

A must question! you ask yourself every time while selecting the universities for foreign educational programs. Why pick Russia over other European and American universities ? Or why study in Russia when there are so many educational universities in my country?

Top Reasons to Study in Russia

Well, these are the reasons which will answer all of your questions when you are planning for your  study trip.

Ranking of Russian Universities

Many of the Russian universities stands among the top world universities. Moscow State university hold 80th place in the academic ranking of World universities. Saint-Petersburg State University is the next one to hold overall 240th place in the world.

More than 30 Russian universities are among the Top 100 Universities in QS BRIC rankings! These international rankings of Russian universities is the main reason for you to study in Russia!

Most Advanced Technological Standings in the World

Russians are among the world technology leaders! Advanced Space Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace technologies and Modern Weapon Designs, no one has ever been able to dominate Russians in their core competencies on technological world.

Russians as the Most Advanced Space Engineers in the World, study in Russia , why study in Russia

Russians as the Most Advanced Space Engineers in the World

Countless Options for Study in Russia

Technology, Medicine, Management, Economics, Political Sciences, Social and Cultural Studies, IT, Geology, Arts, Philosophy, History, Fashion....... Just name a discipline you wanna study and there would be a long list of top universities to study in Russia!

Best job Opportunities in the World!

Quickly growing economy of Russia and countless foreign investment projects have created millions of job opportunities in Russia. With their known educational repute and top professional skills, Russian graduates are high in demand in top multinational companies of the world.

The Largest and Oldest Cultural Center of the World 

Russia offers hundreds of cultural attractions for its visitors. History of Russia is as old as 9th century, making it a unique world heritage site and top favorite tourist destination. With Moscow and St. Petersburg as its largest cultural centers. Staying in amazing cities of Russia would definitely make your study in Russia trip a memorable expedition of life! 

Moscow, The Capital and largest educational City of Russia

Moscow, The Capital and largest educational City of Russia

Highly Affordable Cost of Study

Last but the not the least! Russian universities are highly affordable as compared to the other countries.  The averages cost of studying and living in Russia is about 3 to 4 times less than the American, Australian  English and Canadian universities!

So make a smart choice about your educational degrees and career. Get your seats reserved to study in Russia and become the part of world top professionals!

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