Introduction to Russia

Lets have an Introduction to What is Russia!

From Russian Empire, Russian Republic, Soviet Russia and Soviet Union to the current time. This country has passed through many historical phases of regional and political developments.

Today's’ Russia, is the largest country of the world with the area of 17.1 million km². It emerged on the map of the world on 26 December 1991 with its official name as Russian Federation.

Russian Government, About Russia

Views of the Government building in Moscow also known as Russian white house.

Population of Russia

Russia has a total population of nearly 144 million people. Mostly the community is Russian. Ukrainian , Tatar, Bashkirs and Chechens are the main ethnic races in the country.

russian language, Cultural Celebrations in Russia, Young Girls in Russia

Russian Girls in Traditional Celebrations in Russian

Federal Subjects of Russia

Russia has a total number of 85 federal subjects. Moscow, St. Petersburg and a newly added Sevastopol have the status of cities as well as the federal subjects .

Map of Federal Subjects russia

Cities of Russia

This huge country has a total number 1100 cities ( 2010 Data). Moscow is the capital city. The city is heavily populated with more than 11 million people. It is the main economic, business, educational and tourist center of the country.

A night view of the Moscow city

A night view of the Moscow city

St. Petersburg is the next main city from economic perspective. It is the main port city and trading center of Russia.

What is Russia

One of the wonderful views of St. Petersburg White Nights. Church of the Savior on Blood is located in the historic center of St. Petersburg on the bank of the Griboyedov Canal near Mikhailovsky Garden and the Stables area, not far from the Champs de Mars

Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg are the next emerging business centers. Heavy machinery, nuclear plant, aircraft fabrication and metal works are the main industrial avenues there.

Novosibirsk is also famous for its educational research and developments in Russian Federation .

The city of Ekaterinburg, Yekaterinburg Center

Yekaterinburg cityscape downtown day light

Language of Russia

The official language is Russian. More than 80% of people speak Russian There is also a long list of regional languages spoken here. European and Asians have offered a great mix to the languages of Russian people.

There are more than 100 regional languages spoken in Russian Federation. Most common ones are Tatar ( Spoken by nearly 6,500,000 people) , Ukrainian (Spoken by nearly 1,300,000 people)

Religion of Russia

Most of the  people follow Orthodox Christianity. Around 40% are Christians . Muslims are next in the count, around 6.5% of total population. Nearly 4% people are Christians. However 25% of Russians are Atheists.

Russian People, Russian Society, Russian Culture, Travel to Russia

Traditional Russian society and Russian people in their religious celebrations.

Currency  of Russia

Local currency of Russia is Ruble. Ruble is the currency of some other countries as well. But because of the strong economy of Russian Federation, Ruble also has a strong standing in global market. Russian Kopeks is its denomination. 100 Kopeks make 1 Russian Ruble.

Climate of Russia 

Russian climate is highly variant. However, the country is very much famous for its cold temperature. In the peak winters, the temperatures even go to 60C to 70 C below the freezing point. Yakutsk is the coldest populated city of the world.

Modern building on the Theater Square Yakutsk

Modern building on the Theater Square Yakutsk

Economy of Russia

Russian Federation has gained the status one of the most powerful economies in the world standing at the 8th place. The economy of Russia is quickly strengthening to beat United Sates, China Japan and Germany in this Race.

Trade Market of Russia

Russian Federation has established its trading market mainly in European Union China , Japan , Germany, France and Korea. Their main exports of Petroleum, Natural Gas and heavy machines and armories.

Russian Ruble and USD, Roubles

Currency Exchange Rate Displayed in Russia

Tourism in Russia

Tourism is one the main player in Russian economy. Russia has 23 UNESCO heritage sites. Moscow and St. Petersburg are having the most visited tourist attraction of Russia. In 2012, the travel industry contributed RUB 860 billion to the GDP  and created a million of work opportunities.

Places to Visit in Russia, Celebrations in Russia

Flower Festival in Red Square in honor of 120th anniversary of the trading house GUM

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