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Study in Russia, Diplomas in Russia, vocational training in russiaVocational training in Russia is an important part of education in their country. The purpose of these training is to produce skilled workers in various sectors ranging from, education, engineering, medicine etc.

Russia has over 4000 educational institutes. They offer vocational training in Russia to students as well as International students.

These institutions aim at training skilled workers. Usually on the basis of basic (secondary) general education. Admission to vocational education institutions normally does not need any entrance examinations.

Training Institutions in Russia

There are two types of vocational training institutions in Russia.

Professional Schools

At a Professional School offers professional qualification. They produce skilled labor and professionals. The program duration may vary from 1 to 2.5 years.

Professional Lyceum

Professional Lyceum offers educational programs, in addition to the professional education part. They also include a general education. The program duration may vary from 1 to 3 years in a Professional Lyceum.

Courses Offered 

There are a variety of vocational training programs offered in English language for. The popular programs among international students are:

    • Engineering
    • Computer Systems
    • Media and Advertising
    • Commerce
    • Banking and Insurance
    • Law
    • Hotel Services
    • Tourism
vocational training in russia

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Fee Structure

Tuition fee for a vocational training program is generally up to USD 3000. This may vary with the programs you apply.

Jobs after Vocational Trainings

Students are required to pass the State final attestation after their training. After that, they are awarded their certificates and diplomas from their institutes. Students can start their professional career after that.

Professional School students can continue non-university level, higher education. Professional Lyceum can also continue to university level higher education institutions.

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