Visit Izmailova market Moscow to Buy Best Russian Souvenirs

Many local and foreigners visit Izmailova Market in Moscow  to buy best Russian Souvenirs

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Model of Saint Basil Cathedral and other Russian Souvenirs

Making your plans for shopping in Russia, Izmailova market is you place to visit ! From the most famous Matryoshki dolls to the old soviet collections, this market is the main tourist attraction for buying all famous Russian souvenirs. Izmailova market is also known as Vernisazh market. The Place is famous for its huge variety of classical Russian collections at most affordable rates.

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Tourists visiting the Izmailova Market

The Specialties of Izmailova Market

Cheap, antique, high valued, best variety and free historic guide! Each and every stall of the Izmailova market is the unique display of Russian culture and traditions. Traditional Russian families and craft men make these handicrafts with old preparation techniques.  This markets offers the largest collection for Pottery, Khokhloma bowls, Matryoshki, Palekh, Old Russian cameras, Animal Skin, Fur hats, wooden pieces, toys and folk artifacts. 

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Russian Palekhs are the  antique handicrafts and Russian souvenirs

The market is also a good source of information about Russian history. Other than shopping and amusing yourself with these beautiful Russian souvenirs, you can learn the historical and cultural significance of Russian specialties as well. All vendors gives you a complete information of their traditions and uniqueness of their product as their sales pitch!

How to go to Izmailova Market ?

Izmailova market is opened all around the week. Weekends are the special days when lot of vendors show up with special stalls. You can easily visit market through the Moscow Metro. Purple  line Moscow Metro takes you this stop of Izmaylovsky Park.

Russian Souvenirs, Izmailova market

Famous Russian Fur and Russian Souvenirs

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