Vacation Ideas in Russia

We are here with the most amazing Vacation Ideas in Russia. Make Your Holidays Special with Us! 

Whether you are a travel freak or on foreign vacations for a first time. There is extensive variety of vacation ideas in Russia,  for traveling and spending your family holidays here.

This gorgeous country greets you warmly with its most modern cities like Moscow, St Petersburg.  And hundreds of year’s old palaces, churches, natural sceneries and historical buildings.

St Petersburg cathedral, Russia

St Petersburg cathedral, Russia

Russian weather fluctuates greatly with every season bringing its own attractions. Every season in Russia is worth spending. You can plan your trip when you like, and there would be a long list of thrilling vacation ideas in Russia, waiting for you!

Historical Trips to Russian Cities

Red Square in Moscow, Cathedrals of St Petersburg, The Hermitage, Peter & Paul Fortress, Winter Palace, Peterhof Palace, Catherine’s Palace are the most remarkable historical places of Russia.

Noble collection of old Russian era is preserved in the galleries of Moscow Kremlin. Visit to Kazan Kremlin, Pushkin Museum, Kizhi Pogost is also among the interesting vacation ideas in Russia.

View of the Hermitage Museum on a sunny day st. petersburg, Russia

View of the Hermitage Museum on a sunny day St. Petersburg, Russia

These landmarks and small townships not only portray Russia’s foundations. They also shows the ethnicity and individuality of the nation.These majestic places are worth exploring vacation ideas in Russia.

Traditional and Cultural Vacations

Russian people have very strong belief in keeping civilizations breathing and blooming. Spending vacations in enriched Russian culture would be a great fun which reflects vibrant Russian history.

Russian tradition and greetings

Russian tradition and greetings

Whether it’s about Russian food, marriage ceremonies, special event or any religious ceremony. You will find your  Russian vacations fascinating and rich in customs.

Adventurous Winters for you

Winters are very cold here. Russians arrange many international and national level snow games in this season. Sochi rinks are famous for skiing and skating competitions, Ice hockey, Motorsport and other adventures.

Monastery in the winter

Monastery in the winter

Sochi Stadiums are day by day becoming more awesome as this year’s Olympic season has promoted Russians worldwide. Now they are expanding their plans for hosting 2018 football World cup and Annual Russian Grand Prix.

It’s the best time for snow lovers to plan their visit to Russia.

Romantic River Cruise Trips

More than 30 beautiful Russian cities are linked with waterways, connecting historical and modern attractions coast by coast.

River Cruises in Russia, Travel to Russia, Night Life in Moscow, Vacation Ideas in Russia

The Beautiful show of firework in Moscow, Russia

This season surprise your beloved with a cruise trip of Russian rivers and canals. Imagine a tiny boat covering yourself in a comfortable plaid, taking pleasure in superb views of the St. Petersburg and Moscow from water, cruise down to the countryside of Volga river.

You would definitely love this!

Enjoying Festivals and Old Russian Art

Russians are well familiar with the true soul of every season. They have the passion of bringing life to the dead icy rivers and  warm busy cities with the colors of their traditions and cultural celebrations.

Traditional celebrations in Russia, Vacation Ideas in Russia

Pretty Russian women in their traditional celebrations

Winter Festival in Moscow, snow man march, Folklore Festival in Hermitage Gardens, White night celebrations, Maslenitsa celebrations to welcome summers and many other exhibitions musical shows spectacular dramatic acts are hosted every year.

Be a part of these celebrations and experience festivities in Russian style!

Nourish your Soul with the Natural Sceneries of Russia

Russian resorts are renowned for their exquisite natural beauty and deep artistic significance.

Baltic Sea and Black sea resorts are well known for tourists' stay. Spend your time here and experience the breadth taking landscapes of Russian beaches and water falls.

Travel to Russia, Russian Resorts, Black Sea, Vacation Ideas in Russia

Popular tourist resort on Black sea in Russia

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