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Year found: 1907

Legal form: State

City: Saint Petersburg

North-Western State Medical University

North-Western State medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov

North-western State Medical University, named after I.I.Mechnikov,  is the merger of 2 old medical schools of Russia – Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies and Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy.

North-western State Medical University works with the coordination of educational, clinical and scientific activities in the field of medicine. The completion of your degree at NWSMU opens the opportunities of employment in Russia as well as in other European nations!

North-western State Medical University mission is to provide high quality education in Russia in the field of medicine. The faculty and management at university is focusing on innovation to improve practices and education of health care.

  • Diagnostic and clinical work in more than 25 specializations.
  • 8-months Preparatory Programs for foreign students.
  • Internships and house jobs opportunities.
  • Training Programs for Post graduate students.
  • World wide recognized degrees.


Program Details



MBBS ( Medicine/ Clinical / Dentistry)

The undergraduate program in medicine opens up the horizons for students. Study of medicine is way cheaper in Russia in comparison with other European countries. At NWSMU students gets opportunity to learn at classrooms as well as laboratory to have real time experience of the learning.

NWSMU are equipped with the most modern diagnostic and teaching aids. This institution is recognized by WHO and UNESCO. After Completion of your degree, student needs a license to practice and for that student have to go through an internship or house job in the selected field of medicine.

Duration: 5- 6 years


  1. General Medicine
  2. Dentistry
  3. Preventive Medicine

Master’s Program

Master’s in Public Health

Master’s program in medicine is the second level of Russian higher education system. This program will train the students in the basic areas of public health so they can implement the scientific theories into practical implications.

The purpose of this program is to make individual skillful in monitoring the health status of population. The course content of this program is designed according to the Master program in Public Health (Master of Public Health, MPH) in European countries.

Duration of Program: 2 years

Eligibility: Citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens with higher education are accepted for completion of Master program.

For admission it is necessary to pass the test in Public Health.

Post Graduate / PhD

Details of medical specializations at post graduate level will be available on candidate request.

Diploma in Nursing

 Applicants are expected to take prep course in Russian language first 

Application Requirements

Visa RequirementsUniversity Requirements

To apply for student visa for Russia, Student should provide the following documents

  1. An original and signed passport with at least one blank page, valid for 16 months after the end of your stay.
  2. A copy of the Russian visa application form. (completed and signed)
  3. Two passport-size photos, signed on the back.
  4. A letter of invitation from Russian university, which can only be issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia(MFA).
  5. An original HIV Certificate showing a negative result ( It is required for stays of more than 3 months in Russia)
  6. A copy of educational certificates.

Note: There will be entry test based on the subjects of Russian language, Chemistry and Biology after the preparatory course.

To apply for MBBS program at NWSMU, Student should provide the following documents

  1. Certified copy of Certificate of Education approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant’s country with notary approved translation into Russian;
  2. Copy of all pages of National Passport with notary approved translation into Russian;
  3. Minimum entry requirements exist as a guide to the level of education required to study on each course.
  4. Upon arrival a candidate applying for University is to undergo admission tests on the following subjects: Russian, Chemistry and Biology. The tests are in the written form.



Hostels are available for all students coming from outside Russia. The price for room is around RUB 4500 per month

Dorm rooms are equipped with furniture – a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, and a table

Kitchen equipped with home appliances and utensils

Shared bathroom facilities

Outer view of the dormitory-2

Campus of North-western State Medical University, North-western State Medical University

Note : This pictures are just to present an idea of accommodation to students. The actual provided accommodations may vary from the above shown models.

Teaching method in Russia, teaching process in Russia

Learning Process at North-western State Medical University

Teaching method in Russia, teaching process in Russia

Teaching Process at North-western State Medical University

Doctors, teachers, Doctors at North-western State Medical University,

Doctors at North-western State Medical University

Socia events in Russian universiities, Students, international students, foreigner students in Russia, student life in Russia, campus life of students in Russia, student life in Russia

Social events at North-western State Medical University

nightlife, bars, nightlife in Russia, bars in Russia

nightlife, bars, nightlife in Russia, bars in Russia, student life in Russia, social life in Russia

Students enjoying nightlife in Russia

Night life in Russia, Night life in Moscow, Night life in St. Peters

Rock and Roll parties and disco night in Russian clubs.

Tuition fee is all Russian universities increases by 10 to 20 % every year. These prices are recent an estimate for our students of 2018- 2019. These prices will vary with the USD  to Russian Rubble exchange rate.

The rate applied in below calculation is 1 USD = 56 RUB

Level of EducationENGLISH Medium (Tuition fee per year)Russian Medium (Tuition fee per year)
Preparatory/ Foundation CourseNot Available$2350 to $2500
MBBS / Pharmacy/ Dentistry (Undergraduate/ Bachelors level )Not Available$3650 to $4050
MBBS / Pharmacy/ Dentistry (Masters/ Post Graduate level )Not Available$2250 to $4750