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Year found: 1899

Legal form: State

City: Saint Petersburg

About Peter the Great St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University

SPBPUPeter the Great St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University is one of the largest technical university catering renowned scientific schools. The university is ranked 8th among the top 10 of the University Ranking by Academic Performance. Study Computer Science and IT in Russia, in one of the top university of country.

It is also ranked 3rd in the according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities-European Standard ARES. Nobel laureates P.L. Kapitsa, N.N. Semyonov, Zh.I. Alfyorov, Academicians A.F. Ioffe, I.V. Kurchatov, A.A. Radtsig, Yu. B. Khariton are associated with the university.

  • Awarded as National Research University by Russian Government
  • 26673 number of students are studying in the university
  • Short term education and research program.
  • Exchange program with partner universities.
  • Opportunity of internship programs.


Program Details

Russian Language + Preparatory Course

The university is providing preparatory courses for the international students. In this course student will learn Russian language, this course is highly informative for foreign students. The preparatory course is compulsory because all the programs at university are in Russian language so to study here you need to know Russian.

There are 3 options for preparatory course,  for economics, for humanities students and for the engineering students.

Economics students will study the following subjects in the preparatory course:

  1. Russian language
  2. Economy
  3. Social science
  4. Computer science
  5. History
  6. Sports

Humanities students will study the following subjects in the preparatory course:

  1. Russian language
  2. History
  3. Social science
  4. Literature
  5. Economics
  6. Computer science

Engineering students will study the following subjects in the preparatory course:

  1. Russian language
  2. Math
  3. Physics
  4. Computer science
  5. Chemistry
  6. Sports

In September intake, university will teach all the 6 above mentioned subjects in the duration of 10 months. Whereas, in December intake student will only learn 3 subjects in 6-7 months preparatory course

Note: Preparatory course is compulsory if student applied for the program in Russian language. For English language programs, there is no need to enroll in preparatory course.

Duration: 10 months

4 - years Bachelors Degree Program

There are many engineering programs in the technical field. This course will produce the required leanings and skills in the students of the respective field. Students will be able to solve all the technical problems of the area of their study after getting education and training at university. Without practical implementation and experiment student will not be able to learn the technique of performance. This program will provide you all the essential trainings related to the field.

Medium of Language: Russian

Sr #Programs
1Construction Engineering
2Applied Information Science
3Software Engineering
4Information Science and Computer Engineering
5 Information Systems and Technologies
6 Info communication Technologies and Communication Systems
7 Radio Engineering
8Electronics and Nano electronics
9Instrument Engineering
10Electrical and Electrical Power Engineering
11 Power-machine Building
12Heat-power Engineering and Heat Technology
13 Power-machine Building
14 Nuclear Power and Thermal Physics
15 Machine-building
16 Technological Machinery and Equipment
17 Applied Mechanics
18 Design and Technological Support of Machine Production
19 Technical Physics
20Environmental and Water Use
21Safety of Technosphere
22 Materials Science and Technology of Material
23 Metallurgy
24 Motor Transport and Technology Systems
25 Quality Control
26 Systems Analysis and Control
27 Control in Engineering Systems
28 Innovations

4 - years Bachelors Degree Program in English Language

The university  is also offering some programs in English language for the ease of international students. In English language, only 3 engineering and 6-8 international business and management are being offered.

Medium of Language: English

Sr #Programs
1Civil Engineering
2Environmental Engineering
3Structural Engineering
4 Engineering for Buildings and Structures
5 Linguistics / English Philology
6 International Management
7 International Business and International Economics
8 International Management in Tourism

2 year Masters Program in English

There are some special master’s programs that university is offering in English language. It is for the benefit of the students who do not want to go for Russian language. The training at university provide student the creativity and expertise to try out something new and evolutionary.


  • General requirement: Degree of Bachelor / Specialist / Master in a related area of expertise. English language proficiency at B+.
  • Written exam or multiple choice test in a relevant field of studies;
    Interview in English with a program coordinator (Skype option is available)

University have more than 20 programs Masters Degree in English in engineering and economics management.

Sr #Programs
1Civil Engineering
2Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building
3Energy Technology (DD-Double Degree)
4Power Plant Engineering DD
5 Electrical Power Engineering DD
6 Innovative Technologies in Metallurgy
7 Intelligent Systems DD
8Communication Design
9Mechanics and Mathematical modeling
10Continuum Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications
11 Materials and Structures for Extreme and Special Conditions DD
12Mesoscopics and Advanced Materials
13 Microelectronics of Telecommunication Systems
14Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
15Photonics and Nanoelectronics
16 International Business Development DD
17Business Development and Innovation In International Context
18 International Marketing Management DD
19 Innovative Entrepreneurship DD
20Region Studies: Russian Federation
21 Technologies for Business Engineering DD

Application Requirements

Visa RequirementUniversity Requirements

( It is strongly recommended to visit the Russian Embassy and Consulate in your home country, for updated requirements.)

To apply for student visa for Russia, Student should provide the following documents

  1. An original and signed passport with at least one blank page, valid for 16 months after the end of your stay.
  2. A copy of the Russian visa application form. (completed and signed)
  3. Two passport-size photos, signed on the back.
  4. A letter of invitation from Russian university, which can only be issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MFA).
  5. An original HIV Certificate showing a negative result ( It is required for stays of more than 3 months in Russia)
  6. A copy of educational certificates.

Note: You must begin your education at university with a Preparatory course of Russian language. After completing your Preparatory Course you can continue your study on the regular courses of university according to your chosen field.

To apply for Business Program at university, Student should provide the following documents

  1. Educational Documents.
  2. English language proficiency at B+.
  3. Written exam or multiple choice test in a relevant field of studies;
  4. Interview in English with a program coordinator (Skype option is available)
  5. University Application Form

The hostels are provided on the basis of first come first serve, so you must confirm the hostel availability from your RIBTTES consultant. Otherwise RIBTTES will arrange you a separate private accommodation in the city.

The cost of student hostels  is around RUB 4000 to RUB 6000 per month.

Living room with soft sofas, where every student can take a rest, read, use a laptop or simply enjoy chatting with each other.

Accommodation for student’s guests, business partners of and parents of students

Kitchen equipped with home appliances and utensils

Student Hostel for Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Front view of the Hostel)

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Tuition fee is all Russian universities increases by 10 to 20 % every year. These prices are recent an estimate for our students of 2018- 2019. These prices will vary with the USD  to Russian Rubble exchange rate.

The rate applied in below calculation is 1 USD = 56 RUB

Level of EducationENGLISH Medium (Tuition fee per year)Russian Medium (Tuition fee per year)
Preparatory/ Foundation Course$ 3050  to $ 3500
Bachelors Degrees$ 3500 to $4500$3000 to $ 4550
Masters / PhD Degrees$4750 to $ 6000$3400 to $ 4750