The City of Tyumen Russia

Tyumen is a beautiful city on Tura River, Russia

City of Tyumen is a central hub of Tyumen Oblast. This city is present in the east of Moscow. This city is nearly 1063 miles distant from Moscow city. Total population of the city is 581,907. It is on 25th largest city of Russia in terms of its population.

This city lies on Tura River. Total area of city is 235 km2. Most of the buildings in the city are made up wood. Many villages are also present near this city.

The city is specially known s because of Mikhail Prishvin, a famous Russian writer, spent his early years of youth in this city.

History of Tyumen

City was founded in 1586. In early times, the city was used as trading center among Volga region and Asia. This region was one of the important trading centers in the world especially in Russia and Asia in 18th century.

Pedestrian Quay on Tura River in Tyumen

Pedestrian Quay on Tura River

Climate of Tyumen

The climate of the city features hot summers and cold winters. In winters average regular temperature drops to -16.7 ◦C . In summers, average temperature reaches to 37 ◦C or even more.

Economy of Tyumen

Today, there are many industries in this city. Oil and gas industries are present most of all. Many engineering companies are also working here. This region is producing nearly 70% of Russia's Oil and 90% of its gas resources.

Educational Institutes of Tyumen

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University and Tyumen State University are the main higher education institutes in this city. Apart from that, different colleges are also there.

Places to Visit in Tyumen

City is advanced in terms of gardens and parks. For entertainment, high class cinemas are present in the city equipped with advanced technology.

Embankment of Tura River and Holy Trinity Men's Monastery are major tourist attractions in the city.

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The City of Tyumen in Night

The City of Tyumen in Night


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