Travel Insurance Policy for Russian Visa

Get your travel insurance policy and stay safe on your trip to Russia!

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Get your travel insurance policy and stay safe on your trip to Russia.

Travel insurance policy is specially related to your travel plans. It includes medical, financial and other losses. These health losses are incurred when you travel to other places.

The idea was first introduced in America. James Batterson formed the first travel insurance company in late nineteenth century. Offering indemnity coverage for travel injuries and for death during traveling.

Is travel insurance necessary for Russian visa?

Travel insurance policy for Russia varies with the country of every applicant. Even, sometimes ignoring this can become the reason of your visa rejection.

As a traveler, you must know the local policy of your embassy for Russian visa. Travel insurance policy is one of the major requirements for Russian visa application in some countries.

Like, it’s a standard requirement for some Russian consulates in EU and US. They ask you for the valid travel insurance plan for the duration of your trip. They dont give you visa if you are not having the insurance policy.

On the other side in UK, you just need to show your NHS card to consulates for visa application.

What should be covered in your Insurance Policy for a Russian Visa?

There is no specific need for the travel insurance policy according to Russian embassy. But your local insurance policy should be valid in Russia as well.

A general medical examination is performed. This is to check your health conditions at the time of travel. Then, from regular checkups to accidental medical coverage, you can define a flexible premium value.  And limitations for your insurance policy.

What to do if you are not Insured?

Travel Insurance makes you care free from any accidental medical issues. Insurance policy also ensures good quality of medical facilities for you in foreign land.

If you are not already insured, then we highly recommend you to buy a travel insurance plan for the entire period of your visit to Russia.

You can select various Russian hospitals for your insurance.  Ranging from executive private hospitals to mediocre class public hospitals. However the policy coverage varies with different insurance packages.

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