Top 10 Russian universities

Thinking Where to Study in  Russia? Here are the Top 10 Russian universities for you!

Russian universities are among the bests in European universities. They are world renown for their innovations in modern technologies and educational developments! Moscow and St. Petersburg are the biggest and most important educational centers of Russia. These cities attract thousands of international students to their vibrant living style, cultural attractions, centuries old historical treasures, fascinating night life and year round festivities.

Russia being the top of world economies, Russian universities offers best careers opportunities in every educational field like Engineering, Medical, Economics, Business, IT, History or Cultural Studies.

World Rankings of Russian Universities

Russian universities hold top positions in QS University Rankings. More than 20 Russian Universities are among the top BRICS universities for their academic facilities, student faculty ratio, modern researches, international relations and ratings in employers’ priorities.

Where to Study in Russia?

So while making your list of where to study in foreign countries, here are the best selections for you to make your career moves and to study in Russian Universities.

1- Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)

Moscow State University is the most prestigious higher educational institute of Russia! The main campus is located in Sparrow Hills, Moscow. Founded in 1755, it holds the status of being top Federal State University of Russia. MSU enjoys the position of overall 80th best university in the world.

MSU offers higher educational courses in about 40 different faculties. With 15 research centers, MSU has produced 11 noble laureates. Every year more than 4000 international students are welcomed by the state  here.

MSU, Best University of Russia, Study in Russia

The night view of Moscow State University in Russia

2- Saint Petersburg State University (SPbSU )

Saint Petersburg State University is the oldest university in Russia. Founded in 1724, SPbSU  is second best university to study in Russian universities. SPbSU holds the position of 240th overall best university of the world as well!

SPbSU has 25 faculties with about 300 departments. The main campus is located in Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg. The university has produced 11 noble laureates for Russia. It is also the Alma mater of current Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Saint Petersburg State University

Saint Petersburg State University

3- Novosibirsk State University (NSU)

Founded in 1958, Novosibirsk State University is the third best to study in Russian Universities. It is located in the area of Akademgorodokin Novosibirsk city, Siberia.  NSU is primarily known for its quality education in Sciences and technology.

With 14 main educational departments, NSU has produced more than 6000 Ph.Ds. till now. English language programs are offered in the field of Economics, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics.  NSU offers arts programs in English, French and German as well.

Novosibirsk State University in a beautiful sunny morning, Top 10 Universities of Russia

Novosibirsk State University in Russia

4- Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University)

It’s the best place to learn governance, politics, economics and policy makings with all you need for becoming a diplomat!

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs runs the administration of MGIMO. Top Russian ministers, ambassadors and politicians are the trainers here. The university has 6 main faculties with four institutes. Major ones are International Relations, Economic Relations, International Law, Business Administration and International Journalism

The university is known for highly active student unions and student associations in Europe.

The building of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Top 10 Universities in Russia

Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Russia

5- Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MSTU)

MSTU is the top technical educational university in Moscow. The university is mainly known for its contribution in aviation, radio electronics, machine building, instrumentation, nuclear and space sciences.

MSTU has 19 major educational departments working under it. The university mainly offers engineering, military education, engineering business and engineering management programs.

MSTU has international collaborations with many Asian and European universities. They offer graduate and post-graduate level researches and student exchange programs for international students in Russia.

Moscow State Technical University

Moscow State Technical University

6- St. Petersburg State Poly technical University (SPbPU)

St. Petersburg State Poly technical University was founded in 1899. SPbPU is a National Research University with more than 120 modern research centers and over 100 educational departments.

The university is mainly active in engineering technologies and economics studies. Currently they are offering about,

  • 38 programs for Bachelor Degree
  • 188 programs for Master Degree
  • 90 programs for PhD programs and
  • 90 programs for  Doctorate researches
St. Petersburg State Poly Technical University

St. Petersburg State Poly Technical University

7- National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE)

Higher School of Economics (HSE) is among the top most names for economics and social sciences study in Russian universities. The University has four campuses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm and Nizhny Novgorod. Moscow campus is the main campus of MSU. MSU has 24 different faculties.  Economics, social sciences, international affairs, computer science and mathematics are the four major disciplines taught in HSE.

HSE has a very well established collaboration with London School of Economics (LSE) among other International universities. HSE offers a double degree program with London School of Economics as well.

Higher School of Economics - Moscow

Higher School of Economics - Moscow

8- Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University (MIPT)

MIPT is a state of the art technological center for applied physics, applied mathematics and space sciences to study in Russian universities. The Institute is famous as Russian MIT in the country. Sometimes it is known as Phystech as well.

MIPT has 11 main educational departments. MIPT is one of the best National  research universities in Russia. MIPT works in collaboration with more than hundred research centers around the country. They are the base organizations of MIPT, provides them major research facilities and teaching scholars.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University, Top 10 Russian Universities

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University

9- Tomsk State University (TSU)

Tomsk State University was founded in 1880 in Tomsk, Siberia. It is the oldest university of the Asian Russia. The university began working with one medical department only. Today, it has expanded to 23 departments.

The current strength of students at TSU is around 23,000. The university stands out at the 5th ranking among highly oriented educational institutions in Russia. Tomsk state university is a part of European University Association since 2006. They achieved this status because of the continuous educational advancements and efforts of university management.

Having best educational standards in Russia, the government has proposed that TSU to be listed in the list of top world elite universities.

Tomsk State University

Tomsk State University

10- Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPHI)

MEPHI was founded in 1942. It is regarded as the first technical university of Russia and the 10th best among the Russian universities. The university was founded with the main aim to train people for serving soviet military and atomic programs.

MEPHI has five main departments. They offer Bachelors, Masters and Post-Graduate degrees in Mathematics, Computers and Physics. MEPHI has the honor of having Nobel Prize winners and National Prize winners among its graduates. Today, it’s the 74th best university for the theoretical and practical studies of Physics in the world!

National Research Nuclear University

National Research Nuclear University

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