Top 10 Reasons to Visit Russia

Thinking why visit Russia ? There are the top 10 reasons to visit Russia

Russia has so much interesting stuff to offer for its tourists. If you want to see Russia at its fullest then you need weeks and weeks to experience and enjoy beauties here. Lively people of Russia welcome every season and festivity with full passion. Their colorful celebrations make every day seems like a special event in Russia.
For planning your coming vacations, let us tell you the top 10 reasons to visit Russia.

1- Home of Orthodox Churches

Fond of religious buildings and art? Then Russia promises you not to disappoint. It is a place where you experience magnificent Orthodox churches like the St. Basil Cathedral.

St Basil Cathedral is actually a shrine with oval domes and magnificent architecture. It is situated in the Red Square, Moscow. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Annunciation Cathedral, Catholic cathedral of Immaculate Conception are the other best places to visit in Russia.

Religious Attractions in Russia

Russian Orthodox Church

Russian Orthodox Church

You will find many other interesting and beautiful tourist spots of Winter Palace and historical buildings of Palace square in St. Petersburg with no or little cost.

Palace Square in St. Petersburg

Alexander Column on Palace Square in St. Petersburg. Top view

Alexander Column on Palace Square in St. Petersburg. Top view

2- Old, Older and Oldest Museums

Russia is like an heaven for archaeologists community. Only the Museum of Hermitage in St. Petersburg has a collection of more than three million art pieces. These art pieces include the work of top artists of the world,  like Raphel, Matisse, Michaeangelo and lot of valuable stuff.

Russia does not only have museums in St. Petersburg, there are around 3000 old museums in nearly every Russian city that keeps local heritage of related communities.

Museum of Hermitage

Winter Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia

Winter Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia

3- Mighty Mountain Elbrus

Do you love natural scenarios and the view of high peak mountains? Then visit Russia. Russia is the world’s largest country with breathtaking scenes of geyser valley and admirable snow cover Mountain Elbrus.

Geyser Valley in Mountain Elbrus

Visit Russia, travel to Russia, Places to Visit in Russia

The beautiful natural valley of geysers in Kamchatka, Russia.

4- Russian Food

Amazing taste of Russian food is your reason to visit Russia. The Russian food is unique in taste and ingredients.. They are traditionally cooked , simple but very tasty. Specially try the Borshch which is a special traditional soup of Russia.

Russian vodka is famous in the world for its clarity and classic taste. Come and enjoy vodka shots with us on its true land of origin!

Man pouring vodka

Man pouring vodka

Russian Food, Russian Cuisine

Homemade red borsch, Russian








5- Longest and Fastest Transportation in World

Trans – Siberian Railways, world’s longest line and Moscow Metro, world’s fastest line have made Russia well-known for its transportation system in the world.

If you wanna travel to the far distant beautiful cities of Russia, than  Trans – Siberian train is the best and most romantic option for you. Have a cup of tea and The Russian train will let you know all about the countryside of the country. Admiring the beauty of countryside of Russia from the window of running train is always a marvelous experience.

Fastest Metro of World

Train is arriving to Moscow metro station







Travel to Russia, Visit to Russia

Trans - Siberians railway trains in Russia


On the other hand,  to enjoy the fastest travel experience in world, buy yourself a metro ticket. It will be waiting for you after every 90 seconds!

6- Sleigh on the Snowy Grounds of Russia

Winters are awesome in Russia. In this season, snowing turns Russia into a magical white palace. You probably start wondering that you might meet the magic and fairy tale characters here.

Winters in Moscow

Famous Moscow Kremlin and Moskva river, winter. Russia

Famous Moscow Kremlin and Moskva river, winter. Russia

Come here, enjoy the ride of a sleigh on the snowy grounds of Russia. And make your Christmas more auspicious with our Russian winter holidays package.

7- Mother Volga and River Cruising

Do you know what a river is equal to river Ganga of India or River Nile of Egypt in Russia? No? ................ It is the river Volga!

It is the largest river of Europe which has many natural barriers which slow down its pace. The Great Mother Volga Statue standing near the reservoirs of  Rybinsk dam and European Volga river cruises to Kazan, Astrakhan , Volgograd then from many other cities leading to the capital , Moscow are some of the must things to enjoy when you visit Russia.

The Great Mother Volga statue

Wonders of Russia, The city of Volgograd Russia

Mamayev Monument in Volgograd

8- Russian Literature

Russia has produced many awesome writers like Pushkin, Chekhov and Tolstoy and Russia keep having the places which belong to them. Russia also has those places which are described in writings of famous writers. Visit these places and live the meaning of Russian classic literature pieces on its birth place when you visit Russia.

Museum in Russia - Estate Yasnaya Polyana

Museum in Russia - Estate Yasnaya Polyana

9- Russian Theaters

Russian theaters are famous all over the world because of their unique style of entertainment to their public. Many operas loving people come daily to see opera of Russia.

Famous theaters in Russia are the Bolshoi and Marinsky. Dramas and operas are also presented as per audiences’ requests. Dont forget to enjoy a drama night when you visit Russia.

Bolshoi Theater

The Christmas celebrations in Bolshoi Theater of Russia

The Christmas celebrations in Bolshoi Theater of Russia

10- Welcoming Russian Community

You will find Russian people as one of the best community in world . They are not like some reserved westerns who don’t appreciate people visiting their country from developing regions! Although Russians generally wont give you a smile as stranger, as its considered uncultured there but just try talking to them.

Russian Community

Multicultural Group of People in Russian Community, visit Russia

Multicultural Group of People in Russian Community

You will findwarm hearted and good nature people. They believe that guest are from God and always welcome foreign guests with open arms and full heart. Get ready to receive a  diner or tea invite,  just after your brief introduction with them!

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