Top 10 Facts about Education in Russia for international students

Top 10 Facts about education in Russia for international students. All you need to know!

One of the wonderful views of St. Petersburg White Nights. Church of the Savior on Blood is located in the historic center of St. Petersburg on the bank of the Griboyedov Canal near Mikhailovsky Garden and the Stables area, not far from the Champs de Mars

One of the wonderful views of St. Petersburg White Nights.

Like all the other fields of life, system of education in Russia is also well designed and established to produce world leaders in every discipline of education. Russian universities are among the top selections for studying abroad. Providing best professional qualification and career prospects for you!

Top 10 Facts about Education in Russia

Here are some of the most important facts Russian Education System!

Academic Year in Russia

There are two academic sessions in Russia.

  • 1st session starts in February and ends in June
  • 2nd session starts from September and continues till January

Learning Medium in Russia

  • Majority of the universities teaches in Russian Language. So it becomes very important to learn Russian language for study in Russia.

Major Cities for Education

Students in Russia

Students in Russia

Federal Universities in Russia

Highest Literacy Rate in the World

  • Russia has the highest literacy rate of 99.5% in the world.

System of Education in Russia

  • Russian higher education system has four levels.
    • 2 years Diploma of Incomplete Higher Education, known as diploma O Nepolnom Vysshem Obrazivanii.
    • 4-year program, known as Bakalavr degree.
    • 1-2 years postgraduate program, a Specialist Diploma known as Magistr degree.
    • 3 years scientific degree, known as Kandidat Nauk (Candidate of Science). This is usually same as the Ph.D program.
    • 5 to 10 years scientific degree, known as Doktor Nauk (Doctor of Science). This is the highest award in the study of sciences.  Same as the degree of habilitation in Germany and other European countries.

Cost of Education in Russia

  • Traditional celebrations in Russia

    Russian Students in their traditional celebrations

    Russian Students in their traditional celebrations

    Despite of high inflation rate of Russia, education in Russia and living in Russia is still two to three times cheaper than the other European countries.

Best Place to Study in World

  • More than 100,000 foreign students are studying in Russia. This makes Russia, 9th largest destination of the world for studying abroad. 

Ministry of Education in Russia

Best Chance to Enjoy Russian Cultures

  • Study in Russia is a noble chance to enjoy Russian hospitality, cultures and traditions. A dream destination for millions of tourists around the world!

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