Things to do in Russia

Amazing Things to do on your Travel to Russia

Russian land has countless beauties to enjoy. Russia is full of cultural heritage and royal architectural sites. You can easily chart down hundreds of things to do in Russia, while visiting such an old and huge country.

Russian people give you every flavor from eating, shopping, festivities, traditional gathering to modern and historical sightseeing. So, don't forget these little tings to do while traveling to Russia.

Here is our "Things To do List" that won't let you getting bore in Russia!

Cultural Celebrations in Russia, Young Girls in Russia

Traditional Celebrations in Russian

Visit to Russian Palaces and Cathedrals

St. Petersburg is the city of palaces with more than a dozen royal residences to visit. Millions of tourists visits these places every year to enjoy these special attractions of Russia. These palaces presents Russian imperial history.

Winter Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia

Winter Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia

These buildings are designed from the rarest deposits of Amber, Malachite, Alexandrite, Lapis, Marbles, Charoites and other precious gemstones from Ural mountains, Siberian and Baltic states.

Places like Palace Square, Nicholas Palace, Winter Palace, Marble Palace are the hot favorite places of foreigners. These buildings, with pure white carpet of frozen lakes make a marvelous view in winter nights.

 View of Winter Nights

Famous Moscow Kremlin and Moskva river, winter. Russia, things to do

Famous Moscow Kremlin and Moskva river, winter. Russia

Moscow is the most modern city of Russia. You would also love to explore its cultural side and beautiful religious attractions like Saint BasiI's cathedral, ICatholic cathedral, The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, museums, art galleries and theaters.

Things to do in Russia, Red Square Moscow

Nightview of St Basil's Cathedral , Russia

Enchanting view of Amber Room in Catherine Palace

The famous Amber room lies in Catherine palace in Saint Petersburg. Amber room is sometimes also known as the eighth wonder of the world because of its astonishing golden views.

Amber Room

Ballroom's Central Palace

Ballroom's Central Palace

With tons of Baltic ambers, this room was initially constructed for the King of Prussia in early 18th century, and then was presented to Russian king as a gift.

Buying Russian Souvenirs for your friends

You definitely need something to prove in front of your friends that you have just come back from Russia. Russian souvenirs are famous all around the world. Unique Russian handicrafts are made up from centuries old techniques. They catch the attraction of every visitors.

Russian Souvenirs

Things to do in Russia, Travel to Russia, Matryoshka doll, Khokhloma

Collection of Traditional Russian of Wood

You would surely like to buy some of the antique collection of Ghzel and Khokhloma pots, fur hats , Matryoshka nested dolls and Russian badges.

Try Unique Russian Dishes and Drinks

Huge geographical diversities have widely developed Russian cuisine. They enjoy food and make it with so many traditional recipes. But, Russian people don't like much spices.

Salads, pickles, meat soups like Rassolnik and Borscht, Aspic jelly are some of the famous items in Russia.


Russian soup Rassolnik

Russian soup Rassolnik

Aspic Jelly

Traditional Russian food. Aspic meat jelly

Traditional Russian food. Aspic meat jelly

These people are liquor and tea lovers. If you also share such passion,  then you should definitely try vodka and Kvass drinks.

Russian Vodka

Man pouring vodka

Man pouring vodka

 Russian Kvass

Russian okroshka with yogurt and vegetables, food

Russians keep a traditional metallic kettle like thing. These are called Samovars to make tea. Do not forget to enjoy a cup of their special Chay, during your stay there.


Russian Samovar, Russian Culture, Travel to Russia

Little girl in Russian national dress

Russian Festivals to Enjoy

White night festival is the best way to enjoy all of Russian art at one time.It is the largest and longest public event of Russia. These celebrations are full of musical and dance performances. White night festivals are celebrated in summers to enjoy mid night sunshine. Witnessing these celebrations is among the most wonderful things to do in Russia!

White Night Festival

Fireworks, salute with the black sky background, Saint-Peterburg

Fireworks, salute with the black sky background, Saint-Peterburg

Ceremonies of Russian weddings are also very playful. They are not like those you would have seen in west or typical eastern countries. After the formal registration ceremony, family of the marrying couple arranges a special full day tour of the city.

Russian Wedding

Wedding of the Russian couple in Orthodox Church, things to do

Wedding of the Russian couple in Orthodox Church

They plan interesting activities, hide and seeks and photographing sessions and many other things to do for the new couple. Attending such ceremony would be a true memorable experience for you in Russia.

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