The Republic of Crimea

The Russian and Ukraine conflict over Crimea and the Re-positioning of World Superpowers.

The current joining of Crimea with Russia has been one the major event in international politics of 2014.Where the superpowers have manipulated the news for their own interests. The reality is far more different what EU and US has to depict about the issue!

Crimea shares its old history with Russia. The locals have the majority of Russians and Tatars. Even the minority of Ukrainians living there is also in close relation with Russian people. The land of Crimea holds many monuments, religious places of Old Russian Empire. This not only binds the people traditionally, culturally but they have always remained as the part of Russia with their hearts.

We’ll see here, what are the real facts and stories behind this highly exaggerated event!

Facts about the Republic of Crimea

The Crimea region was formally transferred by USSR to Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954. It achieved the status of “Autonomous Republic of Crimea “when Ukraine became independent in 1991.

The current crises aroused when Ukraine government passed a bill, declaring Ukraine as the only state language. This infuriated the 1.5 million majorities of Russians in Crimea and 350,000 of Ukrainians livening in Crimea.

Many regional protests started from 26 February 2014, after this language bill. On March 16, 2014, a referendum was conducted by the Crimean government. With a turnout of 84%, 96.77% of the people decided in the favor of joining Russia as a parent country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty of accession with Crimea on March 18, 2014,

It was clearly the people, who picked Russia for them!

The Map of Crimea. This shows the region of recent conflict, crimea

Russia Crimea and Ukraine on the Map

Myths and Realities about the International Issues of Crimea

Ukraine, United Nations and many of the superpowers declined the lawful act of Crimean People of holding a Referendum in their autonomous republic. They labelled it as a “Pro-Russian” Act. Where actually, the Supreme Council of Crimea referred to the UN Charter of self-determination. The event was a peaceful expression of Crimea about its future!

UN says that Russia violated Ukrainians territorial limits. Where actually, Russian President had the rights from Upper House of Parliament, for using  Armed Forces in Ukraine. Russia has the right of keeping 25,000 armed people in Ukrainian territory of black sea till 2042 They didn't even touched these limits!.

International community put sanctions on Russia. Actually, most of them are temporary! Among them, there are many limitations on the technological imports and exports of Russia, that were already present from the time of USSR.

The whole thing is just like if Crimean’s go against Russia, it’s in agreement with the international laws, and if they picks Russia, then it the violations!

Crimean Prime Minister with Russian President, Crimea

Crimean Prime Minister with Russian President


Russian Stance.  The largest Supporter of Republic of Crimea

Russian government has always been there in every strategic, economic, political and social support for Crimea.

Mr. Putin declared in his speech that “Russia cannot ignore calls for help and it acts accordingly, in full compliance with international law"

Right after taking it as the part of Russia, the government assigned 400 Million Russian Rubles for the Republic of Crimea.  Russian federal government supported all the agricultural and industrial developments of this region.

More than 3 million Crimean people are already working in Russia. Their earning is  more than $20 billion per annum.

Sevastopol was immediately given the status of federal subject by Russian Federation. Before this, there were only two federal subjects in the whole country, i.e. Moscow and St. Petersburg, and no other region was enjoying the status!

The International Image of Russia after March 2014

Analyzing the condition from a non-western perspective, It all seems like a well-crafted plan for destroying Russia’s repute and economy. The huge developments in Russia, no doubt, are giving a huge competition to westerners’ and specially the US counterparts.

A new era has been started after this event. The economic shift has been seen in the light of these events. The international bans have been appreciated as a game changer in future of Russian trade markets. Where the major players are replaced by the new ones.

Westerns sanctions on Russia have also badly affected the trading with European countries. A huge range of European, Canadian, American and Australian food imports has been banned in Russia.

In the complete Crimea scene, Russia clearly emerged as the most competitive superpower to US. It is a clear cut indication  to America that it is not the only one in the word to decide the fate of whole planet!

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  1. Hi Natalia, I enjoyed this article on Russia. I feel that the Russian people and American people are misunderstood or categorized into a whole as "everyone" feeling the same as our current Governments, and this is unfortunate. Sometimes, the World gets only to see what both of our media allows. I thought you did an excellent job with this. Articles like this help others realize that all people are not that different. Thank you and God bless.
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