The City of Yakutsk Russia

The City of Yakutsk is the fifth largest producer of diamonds in the world

Yakutsk is the capital of Sakha Republic in Russia. It is located on the Arctic Circle. It has a main port on the Lena River. This city is known for supplying Diamonds in the world. It has a total population of 269,601. It is ranked as the 68th largest populated city of Russia.

History of Yakutsk 

Russian Yakutsk was established as fort in 1632. It became the center of Voyevodstvo in 1639.The people living in Turkic Sakha were called as Yakut’s. They migrated to this area due to the rising power and control of Mongols.  Large reserves of gold and minerals were discovered in 1880. The city faced growth on large scale after this.

Climate of Yakutsk 

Yakutsk has extreme subarctic climate and with freezing winters. It is the most coldest city of the world after Antarctica. The lowest recorded temperature ever, was -64.4 C in this city.

It is observed that the climate is quite dry and the precipitation occurs in summers. Even the summers are not very hot in Yakutsk. The summers have an average temperature of 16 degrees.

Education in Yakutsk 

M.K.Ammosov State University and North Eastern Federal University are the top universities of this city.

Economy of Yakutsk 

Yakutsk stands as the fifth of the largest world diamond producer. It has prime economic importance due to its significant food industries and mining companies.

The city also serves as the path for the Lena Highway. The gold reserves are developed under the reign of Stalin as an industry.

Places to Visit in Yakutsk

Ordzhonikidze Square, National Art Museum of Sakha, The Old City, Yaroslavski House Museum, Gradoyakutskiy Transfiguration Cathedral and Tyoploye Lake are most amazing places to visit in the city!

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Freezed city in Winters

Freezed city in Winters



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