The City of Vladikavkaz Russia

The Famous Caucasian City of Vladikavkaz in Russia

Vladikavkaz  is the capital of Republic of North Ossetia–Alania. This city is located on Terek River, in the foothills of Caucasus Mountains. Total population of this city is 311,693. It is the 60th largest city of Russia by its population.

Total area of the city is 291 km 2. This city is nearly 1100 miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Vladikavkaz

This city was founded in 1784. At that time, Russian military occupied the region and started further developments.

Climate of Vladikavkaz

Temperature of the city in peak winters reaches to around -30 ◦C. Summers are also very hot, when peak temperature even reaches to 40◦C in the brightest sunny days of July.

Educational Institutes of Vladikavkaz

North Ossetia State University and North Caucasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy are the major education and training institutes in this city.

Economy of Vladikavkaz

Metallurgy, Refining, Productions of Automotive Equipment and Chemical industries are this city is  major contributors towards the economy of this region and Russia.

Places to Visit in Vladikavkaz

 City has  a pleasing mountains,  Every year thousands of people visit here for enjoying the resorts and natural beauties of Caucasus Mountains. Tsey Alpine Resort, Ermolov Stone and North Ossetia Republican Art Museum, State Musical Arts Theater are the famous places to enjoy on your trip to this city!

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The City of Vladikavkaz

The City of Vladikavkaz


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