The Tomsk city of Russia

Tomsk city is the center of Nuclear plants and IT industries in Siberia

Tomsk city is the administrative center of Tomsk Oblast. Total population of the city is 524,669 (census of 2010). It is on 32nd number among all the cities of the country in terms of population.

Total area of the city is 297.2 km2 .It is located on Tom River. This city is nearly 2289 miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of Tomsk 

This is quite an old city. It was established under Tsar Boris Godunov in 17th century. After that different governments were replaced in this city.

Climate of Tomsk 

Temperature of this city in winters is usually below -10 ◦C . Summers are very warm here when the temperature is around  30 to 35 ◦C.

Educational Institutes of Tomsk 

The  city is advanced in terms of education. Tomsk Polytechnic University, State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics and State Institute of Business are among some main universities of the city.

Main building of Tomsk State University, Russia

Main building of Tomsk State University, Russia

Economy of Tomsk 

The city is one of the major economic center of Siberia. Having nuclear power plants and IT industries. The area is also enriched with natural water resources and minerals. Transportation and road networks are well-developed here.

Tourist Attraction of Tomsk

Ploshchad Lenina, Lagerny Gardens and Voznesenskaya Church are the main tourist attractions of the city. The city is famous for musical life. People come here to enjoy different types of musical events and concerts in the city.

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Tomsk City in Winters

Tomsk City in Winters


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