The City of Sochi Russia

Sochi has a unique importance due to its site on the border between Georgia and Russia

The famous city of Sochi is located in Krasnodar Kari, Russia.  Its total area is 3,526 square kilometers. And total population of 343,334, according to a population census of 2010.

Facts about the City

The city is divided into four districts: Adlersky City, Lazarevsky City, Khostinsky City and Tsentralny City.

City lies near Caucasian River. The city serves a a main port for Russia. River cruise trips are also very famous here.

The city is 844 miles away from the Russian capital, Moscow.

Climate of Sochi

The area has subtropical climate. The winters are from December to March. Winters have an average temperature of 11° at day and 4° at night. Summers are warm here. Average temperature is 24° at day time and falls to 16° at night in summers. Summers stay from March to October.

Education in Sochi

Sochi State University is the educational center of the city. The city also has many sports training centers.

Economy of Sochi

Tourism sector is the economic backbone of this city. Sochi is known in the world for hosting XXII Olympics Winter Games with XI Paralympics Winter Games. The coming one is Russian Formula1 Grand Prix. These international events have served a lot towards the economic strength of this city.

Places to Visit in City

The city is also known for grand resorts for tourists. But city also has amazing historical places which are Worth to watch such as  Michael Archangel Catheredral Church,  the Red Granite Archangel Column, Sochi’s Botanical Garden, Rivera Park and  Lake Ritsa.

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