The City of Shakhty Russia

The City of Shakhty of  Rostov Oblast is 79th largest city in Russia.

The city is located in Rostov Oblast. It is located on the northeast side of Rostov on DonAnd on the southeastern side of Donetsk mountain range. This city has the population of 239,987 inhabitants. According to the Russian census of 2010, it is the 79th largest city of Russia in terms of population.

Total area of the city is 158.2 km2. This city is about 625  miles away from Moscow city.

History of Shakhty

City started to develop in 18th century. People started to live near Grusevka River. Rulers of this city started many developments in the city. Main source of income of the city was coal mining in 18th century.

Climate of Shakhty

Temperature of the city stays  at the average of around -6◦C in the peak winters of December and January. Summers are warm and the temperature reaches to around 28 ◦C in July.

Educational Institutes of Shakhty

The city has about 14 government and 11 private universities for higher education. South-Russian State University of Economics and Service, Don State Technical University are the main ones.

Economy of Shakhty

Today, this city is advanced in terms of food processing, engineering, power generation, constructional and light industries.

Places to Visit in Shakhty

Museum of Don Coal Mining Industry City Drama and Comedy Theater and Museum of Local Lore are the famous places to visit here. The Azov Sea is also close to the city which is a great spot for enjoying your holidays!

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Church in Shakhty

Church in Shakhty


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