The City of Saransk Russia

Saransk is the Industrial, Economical and Cultural City of  Mordovia Republic of Russia

Saransk is the financial, economic center and capital of Republic of Mordovia. It lies in the central European Russia .It is situated at the convergence of Saransk and Insar rivers. The city is nearly 406 miles east of the capital Moscow city.

The population of the city is about 297,415. The city enjoys the rank of 64th place in Russian Federation. It has an area of  72 km 2 .

History of Saransk

The city was founded as fortress in 1641.  The city got the status of town in 1651. It on the south-eastern frontier of Russia. Just after its formation, it became an important trade center for neighboring Erzya villagers.

Climate of Saransk

Summers are pleasant here when the average temperature rises to nearly 22 °C. But the winters comes with  very cold atmosphere with an average temperature of -10°C.

Educational Institutes of Saransk

Mordovian State University is the main educational center of the city. The city is famous for sports athletes and educationists.

Economy of Saransk

The city is famous because of its various industries. Electrical equipment, machine building, wood working, chemical industry, food industry and heavy industry are the important ones. It also serves as a railway stop of Kuybyshev railroad.

Places to visit in Saransk

It's a beautiful place to visit. Tourists are attracted towards this cultural and traditional city due to number of historical places like Cathedral of St. Theodore Ushakov, Mordovian Republican Fine Arts Museum N.A. Erzia, Yaushev State Music Theater, Pushkin Park of Culture and Leisure, Children Theater and Cinema Center "Kroshka".

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The City of Saransk

The City of Saransk


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