The City of Nalchik Russia

Nalchik is a famous hiking city of Caucasus  Mountains of Russia

This is the capital of Kabardino-Balkar Republic in Russia. This small city is located in the foothills of Caucasus Mountains. This city has the population of 240,203 people (Census of 2010). It is the 79th largest city with respect to its population. Total area of the city is 67 km 2.

This city is nearly 1025 miles distant from  Moscow city.

This city is famous for hiking in Caucasus Mountains and historical architecture.

History of Nalchik 

The city was founded in 1724. Kabardians and Balkars were the forefathers of the modern territory.

The city started to expand in 19th century and Russian emperors constructed the city in their unique style. Official status was given to the city in 1921.

Climate of Nalchik 

This city has a pleasant temperature conditions. Winters are not that cold like the other freezing cities of Russia. The temperature stays around -5◦C to -8◦C in winters. And rises to the average of around  22 ◦C in summers.

Educational Institutes of Nalchik 

The important universities are Kabardino-Balkar Institute of Business, Kabardino-Balkar State Agricultural Academy and Kabardino-Balkar State University.

Economy of Nalchik 

The city is highly developed in terms of modern industries. Light industry and construction material are  famous of all and day by day city economy is growing .

Other industries include machine building, electronics, metal working, artificial leather plants and waterproof cloths.

Places to Visit in Nalchik 

City Park, Sosruko tower, State Republican Music Theater and  Springs are some famous places to visit in the city.

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Traditional Celebrations in Nalchik

Traditional Celebrations in Nalchik

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