The City of Kostroma Russia

The Old and Historic City of Kostroma, Russia

This is the historic center of Kostroma Oblast in Russia.  It is located on the center of the Volga and Kostroma Rivers. The city has the population of 268,742 as per the population census of 2010. It is ranked as the 69th largest populated city of Russia.

This city is just 214 miles distant from  Moscow city.The famous nuclear power referendum was conducted here in 1990.

History of Kostroma

The city has a historic establishment since 1213. Mongols sacked this city in 1238. This city faced great destruction due to a huge fire in 1773. This city was granted the town status in 1719.

Climate of Kostroma

The average temperature drops to -12C in the peak winters season here. Summers are also hot here. The average temperature rises to 16 in the months of June and July.

Educational Institutes of Kostroma

Kostroma State University and State Technological University are the most famous educational institutes in the city.

Economy of Kostroma

The city is self-sufficient in its resources. And act as a main pillar in the economy of Russia. Wood works, Jewelry making, Textile, Paper and Alcoholic productions are the major industries of the city.

The city has its own airport and railway station. It is the trade center for the agricultural productions of the Oblast. independent on its trade routes. 

Places to Visit in Kostroma

This city is a famous tourist destination on the Golden Ring Tours of Russia. The city is considered to be the precious example of 18th century architecture. The elegant structures are known as ‘provincial neoclassical style'.

Tourists are greatly attracted towards Resurrection Church, Epiphany Cathedral, Frescoes, Our Lady of St. Theodore and cathedral.

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Trinity Cathedral Kostroma

Trinity Cathedral Kostroma

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