The City of Kaliningrad Russia

The Worlds best Amber producing city of Kaliningrad, Russia.

The city of Kaliningrad is an administrative center of Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia. With the population of about 431,902 (census of 2010). It is the 40th largest city of Russia by its population. The area of the city is 225 km 2. The city is an important sea port on Baltic Sea. This area is also famous for the extraction of world's finest quality of amber.

This city is nearly 766 miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Kaliningrad 

In 1255, Teutonic Knights built Konigsberg castle. Konigsberg was the old name of this city. It became the part of the Soviet Union in 1945. The city was renamed Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad. Buildings on Pobedy Square

kaliningrad Buildings on Pobedy Square

Climate of Kaliningrad 

City has a wonderful climate not like typical Russia weather. Average temperatures in summers is recorded to be 18°C. While winters are chilly with -1.5°C on average.

Educational Institutes of Kaliningrad 

The important universities are Baltic State Academy, Kaliningrad State Technical University and Institute of the European Business School.

Economy of Kaliningrad 

This city comes under the special economic zones of Russia. It is one of the developed industrial center for automobile manufacturing, machinery making , Metallurgy, Amber stone works and fishing industries, This is city is playing very major and important role in Russian Economy and city is booming day by day which is very good for russia economy future.

The sea port serves the Oblast for trading purpose.

Places to Visit in City

The city is also has wonderful places for visit and tourist acome here from all over the world specially from Europe , some of amazing places are follows, Curonian Spit, Submarine Museum, Koenigsberg Cathedral, Museum of the World Ocean, Zoo and Fishing Village are some famous places to visit in the city.

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The City of Kaliningrad

The City of Kaliningrad


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