The City of Irkutsk Russia

Irkutsk is the Aircrafts Manufacturing City of Russia

The city is the administrative hub of Irkutsk Oblast in Russia. The total population of this city is 587,891. It is 24th largest city in terms of population among the 1100 cities of Russia.

Total area of the city is 304.06 kilometers square. This city is situated on the Angara River. Irkut River is also present around this city. This city is nearly 2612 miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Irkutsk

It was founded in 1661. In 1652, gold trading was started in this city. Then Yakov Pokhabov constructed Ostrog near the city. This leaded to the urban developments in the area.

The City View of Irkutsk, Russia, Irkutsk

The City View of Irkutsk, Russia.

Climate of Irkutsk

Summers and winters are quite extreme in this city. In summer, average temperature is 35 to 37 ◦C. In winter, the temperature even drops to -22 ◦C.

Economy of Irkutsk

Economy of the city is mainly based on its aircraft manufacturing industry.  It is the center of aviation industry in Russia. This region is famous for manufacturing Russian interceptors and playing very important role in Russian economy.

Educational Institutes of Irkutsk

The city is very advanced in scientific education. East Siberian Education Academy,  State Technical University are  the famous universities of the city. Many private colleges are also present in the city.

Places to Visit in Irkutsk

Among tourist attractions, Taltsy Museum is very famous. It which is furnished with traditional architecture and pieces from the history. Prince Vladimir Monastery, Epiphany Cathedral and Transfiguration Church depicts the religious background of the city.

Different theaters, restaurants, media outlets are also there to entertain you here. Irkutsk Philarmony and Okhlopkov Drama Theater are the famous ones.

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City of Irkutsk, Russian Cities, Irkutsk

The view of city Catholic Church in Russia

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