The City of Cherepovets, Russia

Cherepovets is the largest city of Vologda Oblast and 59th largest by its population

Cherepovets is lies on the western side of Vologda Oblast. It is located on Sheksna River. This city has the population of 312,310 inhabitants. 

Total area of the city is 120.9 km2. This city is nearly 304 miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Cherepovets

City was founded in 1777 by Catherine the Great. It started to develop since 13th century. Old Village of Fedosyevo located close to this area. This village expanded into a developed and  modern city.

Climate of Cherepovets

It’s a European city with moderate climatic conditions. In summers the day time temperature rises to the average of 23C to 25C. The winters are not that cold as compared to the extremely cold regions of Russia. In peak winters, the temperature drops to the average of nearly -15C.

Educational Institutes of Cherepovets

Cherepovets State University is the main educational hub of the city.

Economy of Cherepovets

Many iron and steel plants are working in this city. These industries are specially known for their exports of  hot-rolled and cold formed steel plates.  City is famous because of its productions of fertilizers, chemicals, acids.

Tourism in Cherepovets

Church of the Assumption, Cathedral of the Resurrection, Historical and Ethnographic Museum "Manor Galskih" and Chamber Theater are among the famous attractions of the city.

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Church in Cherepovets

Church in Cherepovets


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