Tariq Khan Student | Russian visa

Hi, Its Tariq khan from Karachi Pakistan. I came in Russia Language course leading to  masters degree in Management. I  would like to share my experiences of coming to Russia with you. I see many youngsters in Pakistan, dreaming for high quality professional education , career and great life style, but cannot get their dream because of too high prices.

In my experience I find Russia, the most affordable country to study abroad. The visa application process in just 2 steps, you get invitation first and then you apply the visa.

I say that Russia is the solution with great facilities, quality education and in the best interest of students who come for professional degree.  I would specially like to say thank you RIBTTES. They guided me fully for my university selection, my visa interview till the time of arrival to Saint Petersburg and complete settlement here. I lost my bag on airport with my passport and every other document but RIBTTES did super job for me to find all my things back.

Note from RIBTTES. 

It is to inform that this student has expelled from the university Because he is not coming to university from 22th Jan 2017 . His numbers are going off and he left his accommodation also. All responsible agencies of Russian federation has been informed about that student. If any one has any news regarding that student please inform us on info @ ribttes.com. Thank you 

Tariq Khan Student, RIBTTES student

Mr. Tariq Khan Russian Student Visa

Tariq Khan, Arrived at 18th Jan 2017 in St. Petersburg Airport