Surrendra Mahara Student | Russian visa

Hi my name Surendara Mahara and I am from Nepal.

When I arrived to Saint Petersburg Russia, I received very warm welcome by RIBTTES.  I  lost on the airport and RIBTTES staff waited for 4 hours there for me. Not only that, they were also very nice and polite.

After that Mr. Maksim took me to Lunch because I was very hungry. Then we went to my university and he finalized all the process for me. After that he took me to my accommodation and he stayed with me, next whole day to complete my admission process.

Their services are awesome. I faced no problem from start till the end and they provided me the best  Russian university in IT.  I am very glad and happy and suggest Ribttes to all Nepalese and international student, who want to come Russia for studies.

Passport of our Student Surendra Mahara

Surrendra Mahara , Arrived in Saint Petersburg on 20-10-2017