Prakash Kumar Student | Russian visa

It all started with my keen interest in learning the Russian language and my inclination towards learning more and more about Russia including culture, tradition.There is nothing like learning the language in their home countries where you get language touch everywhere.I was looking out for basic language foundation course leading to degree from well-reputed university.When it comes to this its very long and lengthy procedure .There were so many Queries in my mind as Russia is very big country and too many universities.

After spending time on long search over the internet I luckily found "RIBTTES CONSULTANCY". Its all in one solution when it comes to Russia.It's very much organized when it comes to guiding their students.They followed me and guided me since scratch till my arrival in Russia and even after that also.Each and every doubt they explained me well over the phone and through email.They have enabled me, coached me and given me the ray of hope regarding my aim.

The service was given by "RIBTTES" covered a lot of guidelines, delivered in concise chunks that were very easy to absorb, helpful and hassle-free.The information given was clear, logical and effective. Ribttes have obviously put a lot of thought, expertise when it comes to their team.Everybody from the team is very helpful Like in my case My interaction was always with Natalie.She is really helpful, well spoken and hard working.However, it wasn't just about helping students till their arrival in Russia.The main advantage and benefit of going with this agency are they provide help even after reaching to Russia.

I definitely recommend "RIBTTES AGENCY" to each and everybody those who want to go to Russia for study, for business and even for immigration.MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE IN RUSSIA.


Prakash Kumar

Russian Student Visa of our Indian student Prakash - Sept 2017

Prakash Kumar, Arrived in Saint peters burg on 6th Oct 2017