Muhammad Asif Hassan from Pakistant study in Russia- Ribttes Student | Russian visa

I like to share my story, last year i got my first Russian study visa but i was deported from Russia on same day because of misunderstanding and I waste almost my one year because there is communication gap between me and university and iam unable to understand the process, because of this I waste so much time and money. In second time I decide to take consultancy service of company Ribttes because they based in Russia and they know the procedure and language very well . After coming to Ribttes, I feel free, they deal my case very smoothly and without any huddle I got my admission and visa as well as Airport clearance , Now I am here in Russia. I am greatly thankful to you Ribttes , Thank you (Muhammad Asif Hassan -Pakistan.)


Muhammad Asif Hassan, Arrived in Saint Petersburg on 16-05-2018