Aditya Chaudhary student | Russian visa

Hello friends, its Aditya Chaudhary student from India , I am very happy to be in Saint Petersburg. i came here at 13 December 2016!

RIBTTES is helping youngsters to get best opportunities for higher education in Russia. They supported me from 1st step till last step of my visa. I confidently say that without the help RIBTTES team  it could be so hard for me to get visa. when i was in Russian visa center New Delhi india i spoke to many of students like me some got refusal and other few were at 2nd or 3rd time for visa submission. That day i realize that how much a proper company is necessary for you because you can loss lot of time without proper support. All information and even the invitations are in Russian language and on the top the questions of visa officers....... ! it is all difficult with support. Now i am in Russia all my process was as per commitment and in time. Still Team RIBTTES is committed to support me in any issue regarding my studies or any thing else.  I chose private accommodation and they did every thing for me and my friends. thank you RIBTTES and my thumbs up for you guys.

Aditya Chaudhary student

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Mr. Aditya Russian Student Visa

Aditya Chaudhary, India, Arrived at 13 Dec 2016