Adil Ali Raza Student | Russian visa

Hi, my name is Ali, I am from Pakistan.

I completed my MBA from UK. Currently I am in Saint Petersburg Russia. I want to share my wonderful experience with Ribttes. At the beginning I tried to contact other agents but when I find Ribttes, I felt really blessed, they are very professional and know their job. 

I recommend them widely to all my Pakistani fellows and young students who want to come for professional studies in Russia. 

I got my Russian student visa without any difficulty,

Mr. Ali Russian Student Visa

RIBTTES is great they helped and guided me from the start and they still guide me here in Russia. Whenever I stuck here in Russia I don’t panic because Ribttes is here to help me out. I trust Ribttes. Thanks !

I got  my Temporary residence permit in just  4 months

Today i am so much happy that i got my temporary residence permit of Russia. It is unbelievable for me that in just 3 and half month i got my TRP, because I know so many students who were here since 3 to 5 years but they don't have temporary residence permanent but I have now because of RIBTTES.  RIBTTES team is great. I have been in more than 15 countries in my life as a student or visitor but this is the first country who gave me TRP within no time. Thank you RUSSIA and thank you RIBTTES


Ali Raza Russian Temporary Residence Permit


Ali Raza, Pakistan, Arrived October 2016,