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«RIBTTES» Limited Company, OGRN 1157847031033, TIN 7841017781 (hereinafter referred as – «RIBTTES»), legal entity created and acting under Legislation of the Russian Federation, in a face of General Director Elizaveta Pokhodova, acting on basis of Charter, is addressing the given User’s Agreement, (hereinafter referred as – «the Agreement») towards unlimited range of persons, having applied for services by RIBTTES in area of study in Russia, tourism in Russia and business in Russia by using web-site www.ribttes.com (hereinafter referred as – the «Web-site»).
The Agreement is necessary for full, unconditional and absolute accept by every user of the Web-site independently on user’s status (whether he is student, tourist or businessman).
The Agreement regulates general interaction of RIBTTES with users related with any services offered by RIBTTES.
The Agreement is legal offer accordingly to article 435 of the Civil code of Russian Federation, accept of which is implementing of the actions provided for by the Agreement in this status.
The Agreement is contract of adhesion according to article 428 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.
Accepting this legal offer, User simultaneously accepts Terms and Conditions of RIBTTES, cpublished on the Web-site on a moment of this legal offer.
The Agreement shall be deemed as accepted since putting by User a mark on readiness of User to become a client of RIBTTES, that means to conclude with RIBTTES corresponding services contract.

1.1. «Administration of RIBTTES» – representatives of RIBTTES team, authorized to make conversations with Users and Clients in any form, t exchange data and documents, to fill the Web-site’s content, to proceed Users’ and Clients’ personal data operations, using while message communication email id support "at"ribttes.com.
1.2.«Accept of the Agreement» – putting by the Web-site’s User mark on readiness to become a RIBTTES’ Client, that means to conclude with RIBTTES corresponding services contract.
1.3.«Personal data» – personal information about User, including User’s full name, date and place of birth, address in his/her home country, citizenship, passport details and other data concerned with User’s personality and person documents as well.
1.4.« Personal data operating» – package of measures, being carried out with using automation facilities or without them with personal data, including gathering, recording, systematization, accumulation, keeping, detailing (refreshing, changing), extracting, using, transfer (extending, providing), removing personal data.
1.5.«Using the Web-site» – viewing content of the Web-site, using its communicative options for addressing queries towards RIBTTES, filling files, uploading information and / or documents upon it, including downloading them.
1.6.«Content of the Web-site» – textual and other filling of the Web-site, including video-, audio-files, graphic and other images, dialogue windows and user’s application forms uploaded on the Web-site.
1.7.«User, the Web-site’s User» – any person, visiting the Web-site, viewing its content, using it in purposes of uploading upon it some data and/or documents, and receiving any data and/or documents, shared with User by RIBTTES, and addressing towards RIBTTES any questions, queries, applications.
1.8.«The Client of RIBTTES» – any person, including, but not limiting by them, Users, touching RIBTTES for taking any services and having received from Administration of RIBTTES login and password for Client’s personal account with private dashboard.
1.9.«Confidentiality of personal data» – necessary for abiding by Administration of RIBTTES demand not to allow their extension without permit of their subject of personal data or other legal background.
1.10.«Parties of the Agreement» – representatives of RIBTTES team, from one hand, and Client of RIBTTES, from other hand.
1.12.«Cookies» – small chunk of data, send by web-server and kept on the User’s computer (laptop), being addressed by him towards web-server in contest of HTTP-query, being used for keeping data on the side of the User for identification him, keeping his personal preferences and settings, keeping track of User’s accept session status, gathering statistics of using the Web-site by him.

2.1. The Agreement defines conditions and procedure of using the Web-site by Users and Clients of RIBTTES and interaction between RIBTTES team and Users/Clients as well, aimed to:
• Familiarization Users with RIBTTES products (services offered for providing;
• Concluding with Users contracts for providing corresponding services by RIBTTES team;
• Information and documental guiding Clients of RIBTTES while providing services in a part, not concerned with live communication of RIBTTES team with Client, including, but not limiting by that, in period of factual presence of RIBTTES’ Client out of territory of providing services or periods of presence when RIBTTES’ Client is on the territory of providing services, but without representative of RIBTTES team near him.

3.1. Accepting the Agreement, User is confirming the he/she is acknowledged with all its points, is agreeing them, is accepting them entirely and absolutely and is obliged to abide them.
3.2. User of the Web-site confirms that acceptance the Agreement is legally equal to concluding written contract for providing services.
3.3. The legal offer is coming into force since a moment of uploading upon the Web-site and is acting till its removing from it.
3.4. The Agreement may be accepted only entirely. After acceptance the Agreement it is obtaining power of contract concluded between RIBTTES and User, at that such contract concluded in the written form is not to be formed.
3.5. For arranging interaction between RIBTTES and User Administration of RIBTTES shall create for him personal account with private dashboard, login and password for accept to which are to be provided by Administration of RIBTTES. Since a moment of receiving login and password for his personal account User becomes a Client of RIBTTES.
3.6. There is in personal account of Client his personal data, provided for Administration of the Web-site.

4.1. RIBTTES is obliged:
4.1.1. To create for User personal account with private dashboard and provide for him login and password for access for that.
4.1.2. To start providing services applied by Client in a period, mentioned in email messaging with the Client.
4.1.3. To carry out confidentiality of personal data of Users and Clients and to use all their personal data only for purposes of providing services.
4.1.4. To consult User in all questions regarding the Web-site and services being provided for Clients.
4.1.5. To provide for User full true information regarding services by RIBTTES, including information about main end-user performances, place (inhabited locality, region) of providing services, information about duration of providing services by publishing it on the Web-site in corresponding section and by emailing with User/Client.
4.1.6. Timely to provide for Client full true information about procedure of providing services, data and documents demanded from Client for proper providing services, process of operating them and other details important for proper providing services, to arrange full information support of Client during all the period of providing services.
4.1.7. To perform legal and other actions aimed for timely providing Client by information and documents, necessary for proper providing services.
4.2.RIBTTES has rights:
4.2.1. To stop providing services in a case of it will be disclosed that Client implements illegal activity or Client will abstain of doing payments, demanded by RIBTTES team for providing corresponding services.
4.2.2. To enter on a unilateral basis changes into the Agreement by publishing its new editions.
4.2.3. Any moment to require from Client any additional information and/or documents, necessary for providing services.
4.2.4. To remove from the Web-site Client’s content due to authorized state bodies demand in a case it offends against law or third parties rights.
4.2.5. To use cookies while using the Web-site by Client/User.
4.3. Client is obliged:
4.3.1. To provide for Administration of RIBTTES only true information and documents, required for proper providing services.
4.3.2. To use the Web-site only for lawful purposes and to abide acting Russian Legislation while providing services by RIBTTES team.
4.3.3. To abide exactly all recommends regarding acts of Client while process of providing him services, given by Administration of RIBTTES.
4.3.5. To pay for services provided by RIBTTES accordingly to prices published on the Web-site or considered with Client in individual way by emailing as well as to perform other payments, considered with Client in individual way by emailing, by any method available for Client with taking into account recommends, given by administration of RIBTTES.
4.3.6. Any payments are to be done by Client on a basis of bill, issued by Administration of RIBTTES. While issuance bill there are mentioned amount of payment, its purpose and status (it is refundable or not-refundable), which is necessary to be paid special attention by Client before paying.

5.1. RIBTTES team is responsible for authenticity of data and documents, published on the Web-site.
5.2. RIBTTES team is responsible for proper implementing all its obligations while providing services for Client accordingly to acting Russian Legislation.
5.3. Users/Clients are responsible for authenticity of data and documents provided for Administration of RIBTTES.
5.4. In a case of some facts of Client’s violating acting Russian Legislation are disclosed for anybody of RIBTTES team while providing services for Client, RIBTTES has full right to react accordingly to company’s policy, mentioned clearly in TERMS AND CONDITIONS of RIBTTES, published on the Web-site.

6.1. If after acceptance the Agreement the Parties conclude separate contract or one more agreement, provisions of the Agreement will keep legal power in a part, not touched by new contract or agreement.

«RIBTTES» Co.Ltd.,
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Address: 278-82, Moskovskoye shosse, Shushary, St.-Petersburg, 196626

Account : № 40702810555160005007
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