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Visit Izmailova Market Moscow to Buy Best Russian Souvenirs

Many local and foreigners visit Izmailova Market in Moscow  to buy best Russian Souvenirs [caption id="attachment_8152" align="aligncenter" width="910"] Model of Saint Basil Cathedral and other Russian Souvenirs[/caption] Making your plans for shopping in Russia, Izmailova market is you place to visit ! From the most famous Matryoshki dolls to the old soviet collections, this market is the main tourist attraction…
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Things to do in Russia

Amazing Things to do on your Travel to Russia Russian land has countless beauties to enjoy. Russia is full of cultural heritage and royal architectural sites. You can easily chart down hundreds of things to do in Russia, while visiting such an old and huge country. Russian people give you every flavor from eating, shopping, festivities,…
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Russian Souvenirs

Russian Souvenirs and Traditional Collections from Russia! Russian souvenirs are gifts. They are considered special because of Russian traditional, historical or geographical associations. People collect such things as a memory of places they visit. While enjoying your trip to Russia, you will find a lot of amazing stuff for your family and friends back home. Every…
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