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St petersburg metro stations in Russia

Traveling in St Petersburg metro stations can be the most exciting trip of your life. It is the second largest metro of Russia after Moscow. It is underground subway system. Its main stations are in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast Russia. However, it has substations in many cities of the russia. This subway system is…
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Details about Saint Petersburg Metro Map and Metro Station

The  Saint Petersburg metro is the deepest subway in the world. It is the most northern subway in Russia. The subway's most northern station is in Parnas. Its most western station is in Primorskaya. [caption id="attachment_7476" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Avtovo station photo by Alex Florstein[/caption] The Saint Petersburg metro (subway) takes the 12th place in the world. It is…
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Details about Moscow Metro map and metro stations

Moscow Metro is an underground royal city in Russia. With most quick transit services, it is the second most used system of the subway in the world after the subway of Tokyo. Moscow metro system was first opened in 1935 with the line of 11 kilometers. Today, the metro train facility of Moscow  has the 6th longest…
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