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Congratulations, you have now got your visa invitation letter !

You need to follow these steps which we are going to explain here. Perhaps you know the procedure but still it is our duty to teach you for obtaining 100% results. Therefore, it is requested to give complete attentions to all the process carefully. Single mistake can lead you to visa refusal...... So, neither take this process too lightly, nor too difficult.

 Remember always to ask us that you need translation and attentions from embassy or consulate or not.  

  1. Visit Russian Embassy Website 

The visa requirements of Russian embassy vary country to country, you need to carefully visit the website Russian embassy or Russian consulate, where you are going to apply your visa case. May be this link can help you, "Russian embassies and consulates ", otherwise you can search by Google.  Go to the website and find your related category visa check list or visa requirement. Like if you are a "student" then find your specific category , under the visa types, given on the embassy website. If you are a tourist then find your visa checklist under the category of tourist visa and so on .........

2. Arrange Documents and Appointment for your Visa

Make a checklist of all the documents and take a print for your record. Don't use any extra document which is not mentioned by embassy or consulate.

Carefully check the visa submission days and time in a week. Keep in your mind that Russian embassies and consulates are not receiving visa applications, every day of the week. It some time vary country to country. So, we strongly recommend you to check carefully when you can go to submit your visa application.

If you are not able to find that information, then you should call to Russian embassy or consulate for more confirmation. Better to ask first rather than to come back home without submitting your case file. This will save you a lot of your time.

3. Fill you online visa form

Important ! Russian embassies and consulates have same visa form system for all foreign countries. Open this link to see the Russian visa application

Follow the instruction on how to fill the visa form. It is very easy and simple to fill. You have to create your login ID and password here. And your form will be saved in record for 30 days. In case of any mistake, you can login again to correct it and take print from any where.

In the section of Russian documents, you do not need to write any thing.  (like your visa invitation numbers or other details). Because your Russian documents,  your visa invitation letter and guarantee letters will be in Russian language, so you may not correctly understand that what is written on those documents.  So you just need to take theses Russian documents along with your application file, there is no need to write any information regarding these documents in the online-form.

4. Prepare your Interview Questions 

Important ! We have made these questions with a great deal of experience. The aim is to prepare you for the days of your visa interview. Please follow the link and find the section "About Embassy Questions for Student Applicants".  These are all the most common questions, which are asked by different visa officers from our students at different times. So please read them and be ready for all these question from your visa officer. Different Russian embassies and consulates have different rules for interview. In some countries, they only take 5 to 10 mins interview at the time of case submission. But in some countries, they submit the file first and then give you another day for interview time.

Please be careful while taking print of that form, check your printer, page layout setting first. Do not stretch the page while taking print. Just take simple A4 size print otherwise visa officer will not receive that form you ! And you can only take print from inkjet laser printer, no other printer will be acceptable. 

  1. Prepare yourself for Embassy 

Make sure you have all your documents with you before leaving your home for Russian consulate or embassy. Your education documents (attested by your country concern bodies and foreign affairs), your medical (if required) , your bank statement (if required ) and other required documents by the visa checklist of embassy.

Important ! You have to visit only that embassy or consulate which you mentioned us in your visa invitation form while applying your visa invitation. Your visa application will be applied in the same city embassy or consulate. They will not receive your case in any other embassy/consulate.

2. Look Good and Confident

Please give little attention on your visual appearance, Russian people always like those people who are better with their outlook. Dress yourself in appropriate and decent way like a student does. Don't  talk to much loud in the area of embassy or consulate and don't look confuse, be normal and stay confident.

 3. At the Time of your Interview 

Keep in your mind that Russian embassy interview is not a tough thing. They will take 5 to 10 mins, at maximum,  for the complete interview session. And they always ask very general questions. We have mentioned all the possible question by the visa officer in our FAQS section, so please read them carefully and prepare yourself well before interview. We have 100% visa ratio at the moment.

Still if you do not understand any single point, you can openly ask our representative from Monday to Friday 10 to 7 pm at Live Chat Support. We are ready to answer you, as we know its importance for you .

Don't apply urgent visa, unless you have very less time in your visa invitation or you have instruction from your university to come quickly for your classes. If you will apply urgent visa, without any specific reason, then it will put visa officer mind in doubt.

Special instruction ! Answer with confidence, don't look confuse and don't try to be over smart. Just answer what they ask, nothing more, nothing less!

  1. How to Receive your Visa

Normally Russian embassy takes 5 to 7 days for visa issuing, but you can ask visa officer at the time of your visa submission. Normally they tell you themselves, and it is also mentioned on the slip, which they give you after submission of your case. You can go by your self to collect your visa or you can send anyone on your behalf with one authority letter in the favor of that person. With this authority letter, he or she can receive your passport. But still you can ask from embassy in this regard.

 2. After Getting your Visa 

Please remember that first you will get 3 months short stay visa. On that short stay visa you have to fly to Russia. When you will come to Russia, then after clearance of your fees and enrollment in the university. We will process your main student visa as per your course duration.

Send us color scan copy of your visa and contact our representative. We will send airport clearance for you. You must read our after visa instruction here .

Important ! If you will fly without informing us or taking airport clearance letter from us then you will be 100% deported by the airport authorities. Because in Russia, immigration authorities always clear you with the permission of your host university. In that case our company will not be responsible for your deportation from Russia.

Important ! Always remember that you have to fly from your home country before the validity of 40 days in your short stay visa. As, when you arrive to Russia, we will need one month time in Russia to extend your visa further. If you will have less than 30 days on your short stay visa before travel then it will be a big problem. You should contact us in that situation!

3. Be careful at your departure country ! 

You need to take return air ticket within your short stay 3 months visa. Normally airlines do not issue boarding without checking return ticket. When you will come to Russia you can claim refund of your ticket or you can hold it for any date in near future. For more information you can call your airline before your flight to avoid inconvenience at the time of your boarding.

Second, you should carry all your educational documents and airport guarantee letter  in your hands at the time of boarding. If your home country airport officials ask you anything, you can confidently show them all your documents and let them know about your visa type. As your visa and guarantee letter will be in Russian language. So, sometimes they don't understand. At Russian airport we will manage every thing for you ( instruction for airport ) but at your home country airport, you have to answer your officials if they will ask you anything.

Good luck and see you soon in Russia ! Always feel free to contact us in any case.

More things if you want to read then please follow the instructions. If you are direct student than click this "FAQs  for students " If you are our agent then click this "FAQs for agents "