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Main course will be Russian language course

Russian state and private universities offer many professional courses to foreign students. Among them, most of these courses are in Russian language. So, it is highly recommended to foreign students, to first take Russian language, as a preparatory course for their higher professional studies.

what we are offering !

Russian language course is the first step to start your education in Russia. Many of the degree programs in Russia like medical, engineering, law and humanities etc are offered in Russian language. Learning Russians gives you many opportunities of work and get settle in Russia. Knowing Russian is also important for you enjoy the charms of social life in Russia.

We have about 10 Russian universities and institutes on our panel right now. These universities are offering Russian language course of one year, leading to many professional degree programs to PhD programs.

The universities provide complete living arrangements for our students. You can contact us for more details on affordable accommodation services in Saint Petersburg.


One year Russian language course visa


Dear Students ! RIBTTES will offer you special discount on the tuition fee, if you apply in the colleges on our panel.

Admission requirement

Russian visa and Visa invitation to Russia are two different things. If you want to get Russian visa, first of all you need to get Russian visa invitation. 

  • Copy of passport, valid for atleast 16 months
  • Copies of education documents and complete application form
  • Passport Sized Photographs

Our 1- Russian Language Course is available Starting from $ 1599 to $ 2000!

ADVANTAGES for students

  • Visa is extendable every year (upto five years)
  • Student can go to their home country any time for vacations
  • Students can apply for European countries tourist visa after 6 months stay in Russia
  • Student life in Russia is more enjoyable than Europe

ADVANTAGES for students

  • 4 days classes in a week
  • No English language certificate required for foreign students
  • Pay tuition fee after getting visa
  • College will give part time work permission to students

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