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Five simple steps to apply your student visa with Ribttes


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Get your Russian student visa and your legalized documents from Russian embassy/ consulate.


At Stage 3,  you have to directly apply Russian visa in Russian embassy/consulate in your country and obtain your visa and legalization of Documents

Do not worry! RIBTTES is again here for you at Stage 3!

What do you need to do at this stage ?

Your RIBTTES Consultant will guide to prepare documents for Russian Embassy/ Consultants. Along with the visa application, you need to complete the attestations of your educational documents from Russian Embassy, which is also called Legalization of Documents.

The requirement and instructions for taking the Legalization of your educational documents HIGHLY vary from country to country and discipline to discipline .

Similarly the Russian Embassy/ Consultants document requirements also vary from country to country.

RIBTTES Consultant (specialist in your country ) will guide you in person at this stage!

What Charges that you need to pay?

Visa Application Fee to Russian Embassy / Consulate : From USD 20 to USD 250 (This varies country to country)

Documents Legalization Fee to Russian Embassy / Consulate : This varies country to country.

You can ask your RIBTTES Consultant in person by specifying your country to him.

What Documents that you need to submit?

This varies country to country. Your RIBTTES Consultant will guide to prepare documents for Russian Embassy.

Educational document legalization :

If you are coming in Degree level or in future you want to get admission in degree course , then better to attest your final educational degree from Russian embassy at the same time of submitting visa ,  It takes two to three days for attest educational documents. for more information please discuss with team RIBTTES on this point

What will be the waiting time for you ?

Russian embassy generally issues the visa in 1 to 7 working days.

7 working days ( under normal category )

1 - 2 working days ( under urgent category)