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Five simple steps to apply your student visa with Ribttes


Quick description Forms & documentsWaiting and receiving


Get your original visa invitation letter after 35 - 50 days of processing, Book courier  to get original visa invitation and apply your visa at Russian Embassy/consulate in your home country

Congratulations! At this stage you will get the admission confirmation from RIBTTES in one of its Partner Universities.

It's time for you to start the Preparation of legal Documents to get the Russian Visa!

My team processes your visa invitation document through your inviting university and provide you the original documents along with all requisites so you can apply visa in Russian Embassy.

Let me explain you fellas !

What do you need to do at this stage ?

After you get admission Confirmation from RIBTTES , then you need to Fill the Application Form for Russian Visa Invitation Letter

Preview Application Form for Russian Visa Invitation Letter:

See the sample of Russian Student Visa Invitation Letter  :

What Documents that you need to submit?

Only the Passport  ( valid at least for 18 months )

RIBTTES Representative will inform you in person in case some additional document is required from you.


What will be the waiting time for you ?

Generally it is Around 35 to 50 days .

How to Receive Student Visa Invitation Letter ?

You can pay additional courier charges to RIBTTES  to sending you the Original Student Visa Invitation Letter by Courier to your residential Address.

You can also book courier by yourself.

What Charges that you need to pay?

Charges for Getting Visa Invitation Letter : No charges ( It is already covered in your RIBTTES Registration Fee )

Optional: USD 100 as Courier Charges to Receive Original Visa Invitation Letter

What to do after Receiving Student Visa Invitation Letter ?

Student Visa Invitation Letter is the must requirement by all Russian Embassies in world for granting Russian Student Visa,

After your get your original student visa invitation letter in hand,  you will complete the Russian Embassy Student Visa Checklist and apply the Visa in Russian Embassy.