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Five simple steps to apply your student visa with Ribttes


Quick description Charges to payDocuments and waiting time


Pay tuition fee on arrival to Russia. RIBTTES will manage your complete process of  visa extension and other formalities after arrival.

Yayy!  Finally your Dream Comes true !

Pack Up your bags and Fly to the land of Excitements !

What do you need to do at this stage ?

  • Book your Tickets as per the instructions of RIBTTES Representative
  • Estimate your Total Expense on Arrival
  • Exchange your Currency to Either USD or EUR
  • PAck up your necessities as per your luggage limits
  • Say happy goodbyes to your friends and family

Fly to Russia !

What Charges that you need to pay?

University Tuition Fee  : : As stated by the Inviting Russian University

Admission Charges and RIBTTES Consultancy Charges  : USD 699

Hostel Fee :  As stated in your student facilities plans  ( Usually from USD 50 to 150 Per month )

What Documents that you need to submit?

Now all your process will be done in Russia , by RIBTTES

What will be the waiting time for you ?

Your RIBTTES Consultant will check the validities of your Russian Visa and give you the arrival date.