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About Embassy Questions for Student Applicants

This section explains general questions and their answers for Student Visa Interview in Russian Embassy. The student should be prepared for all these interview questions.

A: I searched on internet a lot, other countries are quite expensive and having lot of visa requirements, Russia is very good for us , also we have a good students community from my home country in Russia.
A: If you are student , then say that your family may be father or mother or your other relation. If you are independent then tell them your real source of earnings  .
A: Note. If you have enough time on your visa invitation and there is no instruction from our company for you to come quickly, then always apply for normal visa. If you apply urgent visa without any reason then it can make visa officer doubtful.
A: Actually I searched lot on internet and there are some of my friends in Russia (my online friends) They suggested me about that university so only that is why I selected that university.
A: Russian currency is known as RUBBLE
A:  Please always check weather report of current time to know completely about weather of city where you are going.
A:  Because when I checked Internet, there are not much universities in Russia, teaching in English language courses. Mostly all universities are teaching in Russian language , so that is why i also selected Russian language
A: I am doing nothing special just I am searching about Russia all the time because i am going there. So max i am searching for St. Petersburg,  Russia and our course details.
A:I will try to get admission in further degree level after finishing my Russian language course
A: If you are student then you should show the card or if not then say to visa officer that right now you are not a student and currently you are not doing job because you are going to Russia that is why you didn’t  apply for any job or further studies in your home country , I want to continue my studies studies in Russia.
A:Visa officer can ask you the grades and year of completion of your any submitted degree or may be your college or university name from which you did you recent education .
A:Please always ask us the name of your university and course and your course commencement date. Because on your visa invitation and on admission letter every thing will be in Russian language. So it is better to ask us this question before your interview .
A:Because Saint Petersburg is most beautiful city of Russia. We have lot of students friends from our country on internet. They explained us life style of St. Petersburg and higher education facilities. So we are convinced to go there.
A: Actually I want to take BSC – IT / Course name in Russia, so university suggested that in Russia its hard to take BSC Degree admissions unless you have Russian language skills, so university suggested me 10 months preparatory course leading to master degree. That is why I am going in this course first. but after finishing our course we will get admission in BSC in the same university.
A:I will come back to our country and work as professional in my country after higher education.
A: Yes I used RIBTTES, This company is recommended  to me by the University as RIBTTES is representing this university in our country. They have very good repute,  lot of students recommend this company so in the same way I selected this company. (Note. if they asked you that you applied from any company in Russia then you can take our company name otherwise there is no need to take our name specially ).
A: No we don’t have any close relative in European country.

DO NOT say anything about Europe or any European country , if you have any relative in Europe still don’t say them. Simply you answer should be no . If they ask you that do you want to go to Europe in future or something like that . Your answer should be No .

A:University is offering us accommodation in university hostels. Price for single accommodation is from 5000 to 8000 ruble per month..
A: My family and parents gave me this money for my higher education.
A: You can explain any sports or activities you love.