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Grab your Chance to Study in st. petersburg russia.

Study in st. petersburg Russia is basically known for its highly affordable cost of student life in the world specially With its countless attractions, the city of St. Petersburg offers best standards of modern education to study abroad.

St. Petersburg has great attractions for visitors from all around the world. St. Petersburg is a city built with about 40 islands. Foreigners not only visit to St. Petersburg for fun but also for gaining higher education in some of the world’s oldest universities.

It is also among the best destinations about the job opportunities and career prospects of young graduates.

Here, we have collected a complete information about the wide variety of attractions of student life in the city. With the main educational and recreational things for students wishing to study abroad in St. Petersburg.

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The Beautiful view of Church on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg Russia

Study in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second largest educational city of Russia. With significant focus on education, arts and scientific research.Top of the list is St. Petersburg State University. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in Russia.

St. Petersburg State University was  founded in 1724 by Peter the Greatt. President Vladimir Putin and Dimitry Medvedev, both are graduates of St. Petersburg State University.The university has an excellent reputation with 22 specialized faculties, 13 research institutes, and over 5800 teaching staff.

Top Universities in St. Petersburg

Other internationally recognized educational centers are:

  • Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Saint Petersburg State University
  • St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance
  • Russian Academy of Arts
  • Petersburg State Medical Academy
  • Russian State Pedagogical University
  • Petersburg Mining Institute
  • Petersburg State Institute of Technology
St Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

St Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

Click here, to explore more on the top higher educational institutes in Russia.

Russian Language centers in St. Petersburg

The international students need to learn the basic Russian language for study abroad in St. Petersburg. There are many language centers in the city. ProBa Educational Centre, Russian language school Zlatoust, and Educacentre Language School and the international community centers of the state universities can be the best selects for learning the language.

Famous Attractions in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has an amazing history with a number of tourist attractions. Millions of people visit this city every year, to enjoy its wonderful beauties. Study abroad in St. Petersburg brings the best time for the students to explore the city and live life to its fullest.  Some of the most famous sites include

Night Life in St. Petersburg

Similarly, nightlife in St. Petersburg has evolved over the years with a number of clubs. The most famous nightspots among the youngsters are Radiola Anticafe, The Idiot, Jimi Hendrix Blues Club, Borodabar and JFC Jazz Club. Click here to explore more on this amazing city of St.Petersburg.

White Nights in Saint Petersburg, Russia

White Nights in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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