Guide to Russian Student Visa Processing

Although visa processing is generally thought as difficult process. But now, our experts have made a very simple guide for all our students. We aim to explain you the process of getting admission in Russian universities in easy steps. And  then getting your Russian student visa ready in just 9 steps !

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Submit Online Assessment Form to apply student visa 

First of all, student has to fill the online assessment form for his eligibility analysis. Our experts will get back to you in 1-2 days with your eligibility status and your pathway guide.


Register and Submit University Form

On confirmation of your eligibility, student has to follow the registration process at RIBTTES. Our representative will guide you in this registration process.

After registering with RIBTTES,  fill the Russian university admission form.

The universities on our panel directly receive student admission application from us.  We will process your application further at the university on your behalf.

Here are more details for you on admissions procedure in Russian universities.


University Assessment

With the submission of online admission form, Russian university/institute will process your application. And check your aptitude to study the specific program. They check all your educational documents and may take online interviews, if required.


Apply for Student Visa Invitation

Next step is to  apply for student visa invitation letter. Student visa invitation letter is an official document, issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. This letter explains your purpose of travel to Russian Embassy.

Without student visa invitation, your admission process is not completed and visa will not be issued.


Get Invitation Letter

The Russian student visa invitation letter takes 45-50 days of processing. Russian university/institute send student details to the office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. We get this document ready for our student. The student has to book the courier service from his home country to collect the visa invitation letter from RIBTTES office.

Our representative will guide the student in this process.


Apply student Visa in Russian Embassy

After receiving original visa invitation letter along with the university/ institute contract, you need to follow student visa checklist of Russian embassy / consulate in your home country, to apply for Russian visa.

Student visa takes maximum of 10-15 business days for processing. However the student should start this process before 45 to 50 days validity of his/ her visa invitation letter. 

(Note: Russian embassy will first grant the short stay visa, only on the basis of visa invitation validity. And every student need to have minimum 30 days short stay visa validity to extend his/her visa into long term student visa, after coming to Russia.)

The general requirement  for student visa application is below

  • Visa Application with Processing Fee
  • Valid Passport ( Should be valid for about 16 months after the completion of your study in Russia)
  • Colored Passport Size Pics
  • Medical Test for HIV Negative
  • Academic Certificates (attested by your official bodies )
  • Visa Invitation Letter (Explaining the purpose of your visit to Russia. Issued by Ministry of foreign affairs of Russia (MFA)

The student has to check all these requirements from the Russian embassy/consulate in his/her home country.


Get your Russian Visa

After your embassy interview, and acceptance of your visa application, the Russian Embassy issues your student visa.  Initially, Russian Ministry of foreign affairs (MFA) issue entry visa for the student of maximum 90 days  of stay ( Also, known as short term entrance visa for Russia)

This entrance visa is further extended (as per your course duration) after your arrival to Russia.

Short term entrance visa for Russia

You can easily fly to Russia on the behalf of your entrance visa. But when you are flying to Russia, keep all your college or university letters in your hand. Immigration staff can ask you about that documents for verification.

Mr. Amar Gurnag Russian Student Visa

Short Term Entrance Visa for Mr. Amar Gurnag

Long term student visa in Russia

The student first arrives on his/her short term entrance visa. Within 7 working days after coming to Russia (on entrance visa). Student needs to make his medical certificate  and apply for the visa registration at Federal Migration Services office in Russia (Details of visa registration is explained in Step 10, below).

After the visa registration, the short term entrance visa is then extended to the long term student visa. The duration of visa totally depends on the duration of the registration period (normally it depend on the duration of the course by the college or university)

After getting medical and registration university/institute apply for the multiple entry student visa as per the duration of your course. However, Russian student visa can be easily extended further depending on the duration’s of your study plans.

Russian Visa of Mr. Gurung Amar

Long Term Extended Visa  of Mr. Gurung Amar


Pay Admission fees and Tuition fees

After getting your Russian student visa, you have to pay the admission fees and tuition fee. The admission fees is $699, to be paid after visa. The next payment of tuition fee is made before or after the arrival of student in Russia. It depends upon the requirement of the university. Some Russian universities/institutes prefer to take their fees before the arrival of student, others take it after the arrival of student in Russia.

 You can openly discuss with our representative about your convince of payment.


Book After Visa Services

After finalizing all your visa processing, next is to make your living arrangements in Russia . You can easily book your flight to Russia. You can also ask our support team to make arrangements for your airport pick and drop to your hostel.

Check our after visa services here.

Our  students have to inform us 5-7 days before their arrival in Russia. There will be a welcoming reception on airport by our staff. Our people take care of all the clearance process of our student on Russian airport.

Our representative is responsible to take you to your hostel and  to your university next day. We have special discount offer on hostels, for the students availing our visa support services.


Come to Russia and Get Registration

All of the students need to register themselves on their arrival in Russia. It is one of the most important requirements for Russian entry. It confirms your legal presence in Russia. Your institute/university will register you within 7 business days after arriving in Russia, at Federal Migration Services Office of Russia.

After registration,you have to take medical test, medical insurance and then apply for long term visa extension process, for the long term student visa.

You will first receive the short term entrance visa for Russia, which will then extended into the long term visa.

Russian Visa of Mr. Gurung Amar

Russian Visa of Mr. Gurung Amar

We completely guide and help our students through this visa registration and visa extension process. You can easily contact our support representative, anytime you want!

Follow 5 simple steps to apply Russian student visa

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  2. Ayesha Khan
    Thanks for the complete info on student via in Russia and how to apply for Russian student visa, thanks a lot.
    • you want to apply then contact via email
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        Yes the students can reach us at :
      • Syed khalid shah
        How many qualification requird for Russian language course
        • Natalia
          Dear Shah,Student must pass at least 10th Class education from his country with the age of 25 years
  3. Ofter the registration how i collect the invitation ,i am from pakistan and your office is not here please give me advice my all dacoments are ready but i am confuse from this question.
    • Natalia
      Dear Inamaullah , After you register the application , It will take about 40 to 50 days for preparing the Russian student visa invitation letter. Original documents will be sent to you by POST / COURIER / DHL /UPS / FEDex Services . You can also book the courier services to pick up documents from Russia . This is the link to send us the student application form : Best Regards, Team RIBTTES
  4. Wich dacoments are require.and the registration dacoments attestation are must or only need in visa process
    • Natalia
      To register your case and to start the preparation of Russian student Visa Invitation letter, the student need valid passport for at least 18 months,all educational documents . Please make your student account here to proceed your student registration.
  5. I am unable to find the Russian language courses and fee structure do long term Russian language course anywhere so please tell me where to find ?
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      Dear Sandeep, you can see the details of Russian Language course here : average, the preparatory course price is about 2200 to 2800 USD in 2017/2018 - Saint Petersburg Russia
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      Dear Shoaib, Please see our complete services here We need to see the complete student documents of your brother. Please send us your student application for further assessment here - CHOOSE THE CATEGORY AS CONFIRMED STUDENT AND THEN ATTACH ALL DOCUMENTS PLEASE : team will evaluate your documents and will get back to you through email
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      Dear Student,Please find the details of our panel universities here Thank you
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      Dear Habibullah ,We have shared all the process details with you on your email ID. Please check. Thank you!
  9. Sir please tell me name of university in man and how to process for admission in mba University and fees ...
    • Natalia
      Step - 1 : Fill this Online Application Form and attach your passport and educational documents in the application : - 2 : After submitting the for, wait for the reply of our team member for confirmation. We will check your applications and tell you to register further for getting visa invitation letter.Step - 3: After you pay registration fee, you will get the Visa invitation in about 2 months.Step - 4 : Get visa from Russian Embassy and Pay all other charges after visaCheck our 9 - steps of Visa Process are waiting to receive your Online Student Application here :
  10. Your comment* when i give tuition fee. After bisa or before? Please tell me.
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      Dear Student, you will be paying tuition fee after visa , please see the application here :
  11. Hi sir / madam , i want to know that can i get admission any college for language coursr in russia.i have passed 10th with B age is 31 year.but i wamt to get further study.
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      Dear Yasir, Please send us your application and details at

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