Student Life in Russia

Experience your Student Life in Russia, the Culture, hospitality and an Amazing time ! 

Every year, more than 250,000 international students from over 150 countries come an  study in around 750 Russian universities. By 2018, the number of international students in Russia is estimated to be increased by 10%.

What makes such a huge number of students to travel all the way to Russia from all around the world? Which factors are the highest sources of attraction in the student life in Russia for foreign students to come and study in Russia? Let’s find out……

The Students Attractions in Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country. With double the size of USA. It is geographically expanded over 9 time zones.  Since Russia covers such a vast area, student life in Russia would give you a great cultural diversity with more than 150 interesting ethnic groups to live with!

Student Life in Russia,Famous Shrovetide celebration in Moscow, Traditions of Russia, Cultural Celebrations in Russia

Shrovetide celebration in Moscow

City Life in Russia

Student life in Russia is very attractive, especially in famous cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. They give students with lots of recreational facilities at any cost and time. There are endless options for recreation, including parks, sports complex, museums, and much more.

Night Life in Russia

Night Life in Russia

Russian Language for International Students

Since there are a several courses taught in English, Russian language is generally not a hurdle for international students who wish to study in Russia. At the same time, studying Russian language is quite easy. People who have studied Russian in their student life , before or after coming to Russia, will be able to adapt to the Russian culture more easily. This would help them settle there no time.

Transportation Facilities for Students

Russia has the world’s fastest metros and transportation facilities. You can easily reach downtown Moscow by a metro in less than 30 minutes from Moscow State University. Other modes of public transport in Russia include buses, trains, ferry and taxi. Routes are spread all over Russia and the prices are very cheap, making it quite affordable for foreign students.

Fastest Metro of World

Train is arriving to Moscow metro station

Student Accommodation Facilities in Russia

Students can easily find accommodation at the University hostels at reasonable costs with all the facilities required.Foreign students can also live with a Russian host family. This gives the best chance to blend with the Russian life style while you study in Russia.

Foreign students looking for privacy may choose to rent an apartment which is fully equipped with basic living facilities.

Study in Russia, Foreign Students in Russia

Students in Russia

Russian Arts to Enjoy in your Student Life

Russian culture has a rich traditional background especially in the field of literature, classical music, theater, ballet, architecture and painting. Study in Russia will offer you an opportunity to experience the best cultural and traditional diversity of the world, in your student life.

Katherine's Palace hall in Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin), Russia, Student life, Student life in Russia

Katherine's Palace hall in Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin), Russia

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