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Traveling in St Petersburg metro stations can be the most exciting trip of your life. It is the second largest metro of Russia after Moscow. It is underground subway system. Its main stations are in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast Russia. However, it has substations in many cities of the russia.

This subway system is operational since November 1955. The geology, architecture  and infrastructure makes this metro world class famous.

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Avtovo is a station on the first metro line of St Petersburg Metro.

Some Key Facts about st petersburg metro

  • It is the 16th busiest metro in the world. It daily serves 2.15 million passengers.
    escalators of st petersburg metro

    Longest escalators of the world in St Petersburg metro

  • It ranks on the 12th number in the world in terms of its size. The total length of lines of this metro is 113,538 km.
  • It employees more than 12000 people.
  • Prospekt Veteranov station is the most loaded station of the subway in Russia.
  • In this subway, longest escalators of the world exist. Certain stations have escalators that have length more than 150 meters.
  • Trains here run after every 2-3 minutes at every station. They are very punctual.

Unique features of st Petersburg metro stations

Every aspect of this metro contributes to its uniqueness. Whether its history or architecture, geology or orientation everything makes it exclusive.

Historic importance

The need of the metro in russia was identified in 19th century. However the planning started in 1901. The purpose of it was to connect all railway stations of St. Petersburg to one interchange. Russians wanted to build a network of six lines. Two of them should be main lines with a length of 172 kms.

The planning was stopped by the Emperor Nichola II of that time. then in 1938 the planning further improved along with hiring of professionals. And by april 1941 the initial phase of construction was finished.

With the break during the Second World War, the construction was restarted in 1946. Following several stages, the metro officially got operational in November 1955. At that time only seven stations were ready for public use. Later on with the passage of time further stations were built by Russians. In December 2012 the construction was completed with a total of 67 stations.

Geological uniqueness

Saint Petersburg metro is the deepest subway in the world. 56 out of 67 stations are at a very deep level. They were constructed in this way, to be protected from bombings.In which Out of 67 stations 6 are transfer knots of 4 lines. Average depth of the subway is 57 meters. The Admiralteiskaya station is the deepest station of Russia. It has a depth of 86 meters. Therefore world’s longest escalators are found here.

It is the city that is built on water. Therefore, all lines of the subway of the city at some point pass under water.

Attractive architecture

pushkinskaya-metro-station, St Petersburg metro

Statue of Famous Russian poet Aleksandre Pushkin

St Peters Metro line is a masterpiece of classical Russian architecture. its design and architecture has passed through several stages. Every station possesses a story depicted from statues and decorated beautifully  with unique statues. The statues are dedicated to great personalities of Russian revolution in soviet time, victory of world war 2.

Historic statues, mosaics and golden carvings make every station worth visiting.


Metro entrances are marked with a blue letter "M" on top. The details of metro are given in Russian as well as in English. However the announcements are made only in Russian. The directions of all cities, exit points of stations and nearby streets are given on the signs hanging on ceilings.

There are total five lines of metro. Every line is given a dedicated route and identification. Each line is differentiated with the symbol color.

table for st petersburg metrost Petersburg metro map

st petersburg metro stations map in Russian, st petersburg metro map in English language

St. Petersburg Metro Map in Russian And English

Metro tickets

To travel in saint Petersburg metro everyone has to get a token known as zheton. Anyone can buy it  from ticket windows which are called "kacca" in Rusian language. The ticket fare is fixed. The saint petersburg subway cost is 31 rubles. Other than tokens, monthly metro passes are also issued to frequent travelers.

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These coins are used to travel on St. Petersburg metro

Metro Cards

Electronic metro cards are the best way to travel through metro . The travelers can easily buy these metro cards with the validity of 1 week and 1 month and even more. These cards are called "Podorozhnik" in Russian.  They can be easily toped up for multiple rides. And save the travelers from the long que of buying the metro coins every time.

Magnetic card, st petersburg metro card

Monthly pass for St petersburg Metro

Saint Petersburg metro stations timing

The metro opens from 5.45am till 0.20am. on special occasions like Russian new year the subway works till 2am and opens at 4.00 am.

So if you are planning to travel in st Petersburg, the st Petersburg metro will solve your transportation issue. Whether you are student, or visiting to explore Rusia, get your metro tokens first!

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