Details about Moscow Metro map and metro stations

Moscow Metro is an underground royal city in Russia.

With most quick transit services, it is the second most used system of the subway in the world after the subway of Tokyo. Moscow metro system was first opened in 1935 with the line of 11 kilometers. Today, the metro train facility of Moscow  has the 6th longest line in the world.

Mayakovskay metro station

Mayakovskay metro station Moscow Russia

Interesting Facts about Moscow Metro

Here are some most interesting things about the Moscow Metro.

  • The first train started from " "Sokol'niky" station on 15th May, 1935  in the history of Moscow Metro.
  • The total length of lines of the Moscow subway makes nearly 313 kilometers.
  • The deepest station is considered "Park Pobedy". It is  84 meters underground.
  • The longest escalator is 126 meters long. It is also is on "Park pobedy" station.
  • On average, subway trains go with a speed of 41.61 kilometers per hour.
  • In tunnels, the train moves with the speed more than 80 km/h.
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The most beautiful architecture of Metro Stations in the World.

Metro subway has a museum as well. It is located in the southern lobby of "Sportivnaya" station on the second and third floors. For convenience of passengers, ATM machines are installed at many metro stations .

Wi-Fi facility is also available in metro trains since 2012.

The train "Aquarel", Moscow metro

The train "Aquarel"

  • There are 195 stations and 12 lines of metro.
  • 9 million passengers are taken per day by the Moscow subway.
  • The average interval between trains is about 2.5 minutes.
  • 44 stations of Moscow Metro are architecture monuments.
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"Vorob'evy gory"  is the longest station of Metro line. Its length is about 282 meters. It is the only station in Moscow Metro and the first metro station in world that is located on the bridge over the river.

Vystavochnaya station of Moscow Metro  is also used as showroom.

Traveling by Moscow Metro

Ticket payment is carried out by contactless tickets and contactless smart cards. In the Moscow subway, train intervals in rush hour are reduced to 90 seconds (an absolute world record), and it reaches to 10 minutes (at night during week-end).

Metro is open for passengers from 5:35 am till 1:00 am. The greatest passenger traffic is observed in rush hours, from 8:00 till 9:00 and from 18:00 till 19:00. During week-end passengers in the subway are almost twice less than on weekdays.

Logo of Moscow Metro in 1979-2014

where you see that sign , keep in your mind that it is metro station

Moscow Metro

Logo of Moscow Metro in 1979-2014

From 1979 to 2014 the logo had a blue line in the form of a tunnel.

Map of Moscow metro

Here is the full map of Moscow metro for your guidance!

Moscow subway map, Moscow metro

Moscow subway map

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