Seven wonders of Russia

Seven wonders of Russia are the most beautiful places to visit in Russia

You would have heard a lot about the famous seven wonder of the world. But wait a minute! There is another collection of amazing another seven wondrous places in the world, that you don't know yet!

Russian Media organized a national contest in 2007. This was to select most beautiful destinations in their country. The contest starred on 1st October 2007. Round about 26 million people voted for their favorite places till 1st June 2008.

Finally on 12 June 2008, the seven top rated locations were announced as the Seven wonders of Russia in Red Square Moscow.Brief facts about these seven wonders of Russia are here!

The Baikal Lake

    • Lake Baikal stands on the top place in seven wonders of Russia
    • It is the deepest lake of fresh water in the world.
    • UNESCO declared lake baikal as worlds heritage in 1996 . This lake is keeping the 20% of water stored in 1500 meters depth with 1340 water animals .
    • Lake Baikal has about 25 million years old origin. Its surroundings has around 1000 cultural and historical monuments, where millions of people come to enjoy their vacations.
Mountain Burhan, lake Baikal

Mountain Burhan, lake Baikal

The Valley of Geysers

    • This valley is the most mesmerizing site of steam springs in Kamchatka peninsula.
    • The valley of geysers is also listed in UNSECO world’s Heritage site.
    • It’s the second largest geyser valley of the world in around 6 km range. And the home of round about 100 living geysers and thermal springs.
    • The placed is opened for specially planned tourists' visits only.
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The beautiful natural valley of geysers in Kamchatka, Russia.

Mamayev Kurgan (Mother Motherland Monument)

    • It’s a memorial  of Battle of Stalingrad  in the city of Volgograd. It was built in order to pay tribute to those people who continuously fought for 140 days on this hill. The Motherland statue pays tribute to these heroes of World War 2.
    • “Motherland Calls” the most common name of this memorial statue of the Motherland in Russia.
    • The statue has a complex structural design. It is 8000 tons of weight. And 87 meters high in the sky.
Wonders of Russia, The city of Volgograd Russia

Mamayev Monument in Volgograd

Peterhof Palace St Petersburg

    • Peterhof is one of the most beautiful fountain centers in the world. Peter the Great, made this beautiful mix of royal palaces, gardens, sculptures and fountains view near Saint-Petersburg in the beginning of 17th century.
    • It is also one of the UNESCO heritage sites. Also known as Peterhof and “Capital of Russian fountains”.
Seven wonders of Russia, Attractions in Russia, The Palace of Peterhof in Russia

Peterhof Gardens in Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg Russia

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

    • The Symbol for Moscow city. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Moscow. And stands fifth in the list of seven wonders of Russia. It was constructed in 1561.
    • Saint Basil’s Cathedral is also known as “Cathedral of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin on the Moat".
    • It serves as one of the main centers of Orthodox Christianity in Russia.
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Nightview of St Basil's Cathedral , Russia

Poles of the Komi Republic

    • These poles of Komi Republic  are seven randomly shaped long pillars.
    • No one could ever climb these stone structures.
    • These poles are  about 140 feet in height and 200 million years of age. They are located in the north of Ural Mountains in Komi Republic.
    • Geologists say that their shape is the result of rock corrosion that started millions of years ago and made this spectacular vision for us.
    • These poles are also known as Manpupuner Rock Formations and  Seven Strong Men Rock Formations
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Poles of the Komi Republic

Mount Elbrus

    • Mount Elbrus is the last of seven wonders of Russia. It is basically a dead volcano.
    • Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe and the tenth highest in the world.
    • Elbrus lies in Caucasus Range, with its top reaching 18510 feet in the sky. The estimated age of this mountain is 2.5 Million years.
    • This is a favorite tourist spot for mountain climbers and skiing fans in Russia.
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Mount Elbrus

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