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Russia  is among the Top 10 destinations to Study Abroad!

Russia is now among the top 10 most visited countries for professional education. This gives a very high competition for scholarships among international students. Numerous public and private organizations are working to give technical and cultural exchange scholarships in Russia.

Russian universities receive thousands of foreign applications every year. And the brilliant students with strong academic backgrounds and interpersonal skills get the opportunity of studying among the Russian scholars and scientists.

The fees structure of Russian universities is highly affordable as compared to the European countries. This is why, Russia is becoming the hot favorite spot for world class education, research, great culture, modern facilities.

Government Scholarships

Russian government announces Quota scholarships or Public Scholarships in Russia, every year for the foreign students and Russians living abroad to come and study in Russia.  These processing and decisions are directly handled by Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Russian Federal Agencies

The scholarship includes tuition fee, accommodation charges and medical insurance. However, the state does not cover the traveling and insurance charges as the part of scholarship.

Application Process

We have shared the general guidelines to apply for Russian Government scholarships. Please consult with the Russian Embassy/Consulate in your home country, for yearly scholarship details.

  1. Fill up the government application form and submit your application.
  2. Collect all the educational documents required.
  3. Send hard copies of all documents to the representative at the Embassy of Russia or Russian Embassy in your home country.
  4. Wait for the invitation call for interviews and tests.
  5. Check results of tests and interviews from representatives in Russian Embassy.
  6. If you have successfully completed the test then prepare the set of documents, like your medical certificates, copy of notarized and translated educational document into Russian language.
  7. Wait for the admission letter by the university confirming your enrollment.

Documents Requirements

The basic documents you need are:

    • Scholarship application form
    • Admission application form of the university.
    • Colored photographs
    • Valid passport (Valid for at least 18 months, after the starting date of your study program)
    • Birth certificate(Copy in  Russian Language)
    • Health certificate
    • Medical tests for HIV and AIDS

Other than that, here is the list of university specific documents.

    • Your Research statement
    • Recommendation letters
    • Personal Statement
    • All Educational Certificates (Attested with Russian Translations)
    • CGPA requirement as per university

Most important when you plan to Study in Russia!

Choosing an higher education program is not just a matter of one or two years of living abroad. Studying abroad is a very important decision in your life. You can either waste your time or you can plan the future of best opportunities for yourself.

We believe that, every dream is achievable, if you are working in the right direction!

Therefore, we give you the proper guidance to utilize your precious time in Russia. Starting with your admissions and visa assistance, our experts will tell you all about coming and settling in Russia ..... We help you for making best decision of your future!

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