Russian Student Visa Invitation Letter

Today , Study in Russia is a dream of every student around world. With top universities, cheap education and perfect career path, Russia is now the 8th most favorite destination for studying abroad.

When you apply for your admissions in Russia,  you need to prepare all of your documents required for Russian university and Russian Embassy. Russian university evaluates your eligibility to study in Russia. Depending upon your interests and university criteria, Russian universities present you the admission offer to study in Russia.

And after your admission, Russian embassy in your country processes your Russian student visa application.

What is a Russian Student Visa Invitation?

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Sample Russian Student Visa Invitation Letter

Russian student visa invitation letter is basically an official invitation document. It explains your purpose of visit to Russia as a foreign student. The letter is prepared in Russia. And Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MFA), issues this student visa invitation letter, to all the foreign students coming to their country.

Student visa invitation letter has your personal details, purpose of your visit and your duration to stay in Russia (initially for 90 days) .

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Why you need Russian Student Visa Invitation?

After your admission offer, the next step is to apply for your Russian student visa. Now student visa invitation letter acts as the most important requirement for your visa application in Russian embassy. This letter tells the embassy, that you are invited by a  Russian university to study in Russia. Embassy verify your details and then process your visa application.

How to Get the Russian Student Visa Invitation?

Your Russian university processes for your student visa invitation letter. The university send your details to the office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. They usually take 30 to 40 days to prepare your invitation letter.

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  1. Please I have gotten admission in Russia And please I want to know when I will get my invitation
    • Natalia
      Dear student, You can ask your respective university for the invitation, generally It takes 40 to 45 days. Regards!
      • The school told me they have submitted my letter to home official in Russia. since I got my admission letter is been 2 and half months now waiting for invitation, but have not heard anything about the invite.
        • Natalia
          Dear Student ,Your respective university is directly responsible for getting your invitation issued.If they have not replied thn you must ask them , they should reply you.Normally all the invitation letters for Sept 2017, will get issued by the first week of AugustIf you have any other questions, you can openly write to us here on email , operations@ribttes.comRegards ! Team RIBTTES
  2. Hello ; i want study in sept 2017 ..i sent my documents in 27 july ..when i'll get my invitation letter ? How much time it takes the processing ?
    • Natalia
      Dear Lara, You are not a registered student at RIBTTES Russia. Please tell us where have you applied the invitation process ? Generally the invitation letter is issued in 40 to 50 days . For more information, you can contact us at
  3. Good afternoon I have a big pleasure to contact you . My name is Sofiane Bazoune I am from Algeria . I am 31 years old . I have a diploma in law and since political . I really want to continue my high studing in this university . I interest to study Russia language because I like this language . I really want to divlop my self from this university . I just want from you to give me all the information . A bout the payment and how can I get the invitation .... Ext .I just want from you to know that i can not buy for an expensive university . I just want a cheeper university . . All my best wishes to you . I have a big pleasure to contact you
    • Natalia
      Dear Sofiane , Thanks for sharing details about yourself. The Russian Visa Process is simple and based on our 9 – steps to guide you . admissions for the Class of 2017 in state universities will soon be closed in this week.Please check our email for complete information on Russian Student Visa Process - Fees Package Details - Class of Sept 2017
  4. Dear sir My Name is Abul Kalam, I'm from Bangladesh, I want a learn Russian language Course, how can I get Russian Language Course visa, I hope will you reply back
    • Natalia
      Our Russian Language Course is Open to Apply - Please send us Application here :
  5. Hello Please i have an admission in HSE St. Petersburg but it has take long for my invitation to arrive. I had a soft copy of my invitation around July, they promised to send me the original copy. But I'm told to transfer my documents in Russia before they proceed
    • Natalia
      Dear johnkwofie99@outlook.comThank for your email - please send us your passport copy - and the details of your admission confirmation at – the name of your corresponding officer - HSE Saint Petersburg is our partner university .We will imitate the inquiry on immediate basis for you .Regards Natalia from Team RIBTTES
  6. Hello, please my name is Yaa. I have applied for a Russian medical university and settled all the bills in the second week of August, I have been waiting for my invitation letter since but haven't received it . Please how soon is it coming?
    • Natalia
      Dear Yaa, These days we are having so many of such feedbacks of students. this happens when student apply directly and they do not have any support or any guide here in Russia. And it becomes tough for the students to get follow ups when they do not have proper guides/ representatives or consultants in Russia . Now if you want us to inquire on your behalf, please email us at we will see how possibly we can help you ... Regards, Team RIBTTES
  7. hi natalia hope u doing well , dear i am interested in russian language course so plz give me detail procesure of language course i.e course duration nd fees nd visa procesure nd ur service charges. as i am from pakistan.regards majid abro
    • Natalia
      Dear ali abro, you can see the visa process here in detail on our website, also I have emailed you all details , Please check your emails , Regards, Natalia!
  8. My name is Emmanuel from nigeria...I want to apply for Russia language course.and also what to know if I can get a work permit also the fees you charge.thanks
    • Alena Lavrova
      Dear Emmanuel, you can see the details of Russian Language course here: Please send us your student application for further assessment here - CHOOSE THE CATEGORY AS CONFIRMED STUDENT AND THEN ATTACH ALL DOCUMENTS: Our team will evaluate your documents and will get back to you through email. You just need to pay $99 to start your study visa procedure. Also, you can get work permit if you have a preparatory course leading to full time study program in Russia. Russian Language is not a full time degree program. It is a "course". Work permit is issued on the full time degree program. Like a Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree. You can join the degree and then get the work permit. We would be glad to offer you full consultancy on this matter.
  9. I want to ask you, does this university (Kuban state of agrarian university) send an invitation letter to thier students through courier or it produces an electronic invitation letter and transfer it to their students. Thanks
    • Natalia
      Dear Murad,I am sorry to share that Kuban state is not our partner university and we cannot provide you facilities for Kuban State. We can provide you complete services in the cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow currently. However, the electronic visa invitations can be submitted directly to the Russian Embassy, you just need their electronic version , for further details please email at
  10. Hi ? I applied for Russian study ? Visa and I didn’t get it can is still reapply with a new invitation letter and what are my chances ? of getting it this time?
    • Natalia
      Dear Randychris,yes we can process your application in the class of sept 2018 . Please send us your student application for further assessment here - CHOOSE THE CATEGORY AS CONFIRMED STUDENT AND THEN ATTACH ALL DOCUMENTS PLEASE : team will evaluate your documents and will get back to you through email
  11. Dear sir , I'm from Sri Lanka. I applied for russian university through an agent i sent my documents 2 months before but i didn't get my invitation letter yet. What's the problem with this delay?
    • Natalia
      Dear Sahan,We apologize for the late reply , we hope that your problem is resolved by now. As we see, your case is not registered with us. Because of this lack of proper communication, we always advice students to get registered with us directly.Thank you
  12. Hello my name Saraj from India and living in Armenia right now and I want to come in Russia on student visa Can I fly and apply directly to Armenia study visa?
    • Natalia
      Dear Saraj,We need to check your status and visa details in Armenia. Please send us your details here in the student Visa Form :
  13. I am coming in for February Admission into kursk state medical university. I haven't gotten my invitation letter yet. Why is it taking so long?

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