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Russian society is world famous for its unique traditions and old rituals. Russian people are very closely linked  with their culture .

Russian people belong to different regional communities of the world. Like Ukrainian, Belarusians, Armenians, Georgians, Iranians, Germans, Turks and Finno-Ugric. Russian population of Russia is about 142 million.

This diversity has made their living style very interesting. It is one of the most amazing experiences to learn about Russians and their specialties!

Russian Society

Russian People in their Traditional Dresses

The Features of Russian Society

There are countless interesting things  about the life of Russians. here is the basic information about Russian society. All you need to know about them!

Russian Language

Russian is the official language of Russia. It is spoken by 99% of the people of Russia. Some other languages such as Tatarstan , Chechnya , English and German is  also the way of communication in specific areas of education and business centers.

Religion of Russia

Majority of the people of Russia follow Orthodox Christianity. Muslims, Judaism, and Buddhism are also found in ethnic minorities.

Orthodox Church in the City of Suzdal Russia

Education in Russia

Russian society has the highest literacy rate in the world. Their qualified and skilled worker are in high demand around the world.

Russia is one of the world’s leaders in higher education. The total economically active population ratio is 23%. It surpasses the most progressed countries like U.S, Canada, Spain and  UK.

Russia spends huge amount of their budget on education. According to the department Social and Economic Development of Russia, the government will increase the educational expenditure from 4.1% to 6% of GDP in 2020.

There are many renowned educational institution in Russia. Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University, Kazan State University are the few names among the top institutes of Russia.

MSU, Best University of Russia, Study in Russia

The night view of Moscow State University in Russia

Russian Music

Russian music reflects various cultures. Like, Finno-Ugric, Turkic Slavonic melodies etc. Folk music  like wedding, ritual, epical, lyrical and dance songs are very much liked in the Russian society.

Classical music in Russia has great composers. Mikhail Glinka and Mighty Lot Group are the famous composers.

Russian Traditional Musical Performances

Russian Traditional Musical Performances

Baroque, romanticism and expressionism styles demonstrate the European traditional music in Russian culture.

Tchailkovsky, Mousorgsky and Prokofiev made their own unique style in music different from other musical trend. The real beauty of Russian music lies with the authors who form it exclusive and characterful.

Russian Architecture

Russian architecture was earlier strongly persuaded by the Byzantine style in Russian society.  The era also adopted Aristotle Fioravanti style and other specialties of  Italian architects.

Numerous domed tied churches were built in the era of Ivan the Terrible and Boris Godunov. Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed in Moscow, is the best architect of that time.

Russian Music

St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow Russia

Recently, Art Nouveau and Constructivism prevailed in the 20th Century.

Russian Cinema 

Before 1910, Russian media merely showed classical works on Russian literature, folk songs or illustrated episodes on Russian history. The first movie “Defence of Sebastopol” was displayed on cinema screen in 1911.

New cinemas were established in 1913 to promote their media in Russian society. Russians produced numerous movies and successful pictures such as “Queen of Spades” in 1916.

Russians movies have to face high competition with American films. Since 2000 onwards, industry started spending a lot of money to improve their standard.

Many film festivals and awards are organized every year in Russia. Russian artists and films have received global awards from various festivals.

Sports in Russia

Russians are very fond of participating in sports. They had won top prizes in main international contests including the Olympic Games. From 1952 Olympics in Helsinki to onwards... Russian athletes had consistently won the top medals!

In 2007, Russian City of Sochi won the right to host 2014 Olympic Games.

Olympics 2014 Celebrations in Russia

Olympics 2014 Celebrations in Russia

Russian government is motivating their talented sportsman to take part in the local and international sport events. Their government develop strategies to promote the sports. Russian government focus on providing financial support to their sportsmen. Ice hockey, basketball, Football and tennis are the major sports in Russia.

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