All about Russian Media

All about Russian Media! The Best Sources of Information and Entertainment

Media is the primary source to known about the people of any country ! Russia media is also having the most important role in presenting the real image of Russians to the world.

The Russian media have a very broad scope of broadcast and print releases. It depicts every angle of Russian society. Today, Russia has around 93,000 media outlets 27000 to broadcast latest about Russia in the world. This includes local newspapers of Russia, magazines and 330 television channels. Russian language is now become the second most used language on Internet media, after English. 

Television in Russian Media

In Russia, one of the most popular sources of information is Television. On television, people can see number of television channels that run in the entire

Russian Media, News channels in Russia

Russian Media broadcasting news

country. There are many of regional channels as well. Usually the government own channels. Private companies can also open different channels but they have to take permission first before opening any channel.

Channel One and Russia-1 are the two famous federal channels in Russia. As per the ranking list by the subscribers, AdamThomasMoran, This is Xopowo and Официальный канал КВН are the top three video channels of YouTube, Russia.

Newspapers in Russian Media

The second most popular source of media is local and national newspapers. Various newspapers are working in Russia. These newspapers are playing a vital role in giving the most updated and authentic information to the local people.

Russian Newspapers

The Moscow Times, Izvestia, Rossiyskaya Gazetaa and Trud are some of the famous newspapers of Russia. Many other national and regional news appears are working in Russia.

Russian national language is used for most of the stuff printed in the newspaper and television. Apart from the Russian language, Russian Media  also use English and other minority languages.

English Newspapers

Many English newspapers are also working in Russia. The Moscow Times and The Moscow News are published in English language as well. The Moscow Times is working since 1992. This newspaper publishes in Moscow. News from every fields of life have published in this newspaper.

The Moscow News started in 1930. It is an oldest English newspaper of Russia. Column features and articles also published in weekly newspaper.

Social media in Russia

Russian Business Women, Russian Women

Social Media in Russia

Another important media of Russia is Internet media. In the age of Internet, digital media is also playing an important role in information sharing among people. “.ru” is the internet domain for Russia. is the top website for information in Russia. It is the most used search engine in Russia. Yandex is ranked 20th in global ranking.,  and  are the other main online info sources for people in Russia.

Social Networks in Russian Media

The top favorite social networking website of Russia is VKontakteOdnoklassniki and LiveJournal are the other most famous social networking tools in Russia.

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